Favorite Star Trek Montage Videos

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  1. Tasha1701D
    I'm listening to this on repeat today, cuz my day stinks like this. Makes me laugh, and makes my day a little better.

  2. Tasha1701D
    Found this one recently, Bohemian Rhapsody, very well done montage.

  3. Tasha1701D
    TW Just cuz this is a Klingon parody, has some language--it's Klingons, nuff said.

    Klingon Style:

  4. weepingwillow
    O.o I'm totally not sure what I just watched there. It was....something!

    Watching that, I found this and had to share. For anyone not aware, automatic doors weren't invented yet in the '60s, and so they actually had stage crew that used to pull the doors open from the sides. As you can see, sometimes everyone's timing was off.

  5. Annika of TCrew
    Annika of TCrew
    Those bloopers were really funny.
  6. Tasha1701D
    This made me but Shatner's Kirk does... frequently make... me... lol.

  7. Eleanory
    Not quite a montage, but makes me smile every time!
  8. Tasha1701D
    Eleanory. That was awesomesauce.
  9. Tasha1701D
    Oh boy. I ran across this randomly today, and had to share. Watch out for cliches and breaking the temporal prime directive.

  10. Tasha1701D
    Was reminded of this song today. Thought I'd share. I find it hilarious and very accurate about the original series, at least as far as Kirk's philosophy goes.

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