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  1. SebastianAmore
    Hey, I'm looking for new manga to read. I've been looking for romance, but have it actually make sense (slice of life). I'm not prejudice, so I don't care if it's straight, yaoi, yuri (light of course). I'm open to other manga too. I'm not a huge fan of action. I'm more into stories than violence. Any ideas?
  2. theredmarker
    One I really, really like is Kurayami ni Strobe. It's about this gay guy struggling with feelings for his best friend, and also struggling with being in the closet thanks to what he's seen of homophobia. It's definitely slice-of-life; very believable, touching, and even funny at times. ^^

    If you're up for something a bit sillier, there's one called Prunus Girl. About this guy who likes wearing gal clothes, and his best friend spends the whole manga trying to convince himself he's not attracted to him. XD I know it sounds terrible, but I feel like it's handled really well, and it's super cute, and funny as h***. XD

    Another I'm very fond of is Dengeki Daisy. It's about a girl whose brother had died, so she was all alone, but before he died, he gave her the number of a guy called "Daisy", who would always talk to her and be her support. They only communicate by text, so she doesn't know who he is, but she's very grateful to have him around and loves him all the same. It's a story about guilt, forgiveness, grace, and love. It's very beautiful.

    If you've already read these, I'm sorry. I really like reading romances, so I've got lots more up my sleeve, if needed. Hehehe.
  3. SebastianAmore
    Oh man, I read the Daisy one a bit ago. I got to the point with the music box (it's the farthest thing I remember), or the building exploding (I think). I don't know why, but that series annoyed me a little bit. It seems far fetched '-.-

    I'm liking Kurayami ni Strobe so far XD

    Keep it up, I love having options; and MangaHere has bookmarks

    -Octavio Luft
  4. SebastianAmore
    Okay, I know I said I preferred slice of life stuff, but I found a small series that is cute. I don't know why, but it was short and sweet. The details say that it is mature, but I'm on the last chapter and there is no sex. There is a bit of violence though, so be warned.
  5. SebastianAmore
    There is sex, but it is the extra chapter. Seems pointless, but yeah...
  6. SebastianAmore
    I'm starting to read Durarara!! I started because why not? And Shizuo Heiwajima looks like one of my people, Kyle, but he has black hair. I'm on chapter 8, and I'm noticing that Izaya Orihara is a lot like Kyle too personality wise. I'm liking it so far, but I'm having trouble remembering everyone's names. (I googled them '-.-) Have any of you guys read this series? Yay or nay?
  7. SebastianAmore
    Omg.... I thought the manga was complete. Why is the last chapter not available?! OTL
  8. theredmarker
    Hehe, I'll check those out when I get a chance! ^^
  9. Determined
    Did you ever read Ouran High School Host Club? I never read the manga but the anime is soooo cute.
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