seeking friends

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  1. jmk
    I would like too make friends and get too know others as well have a very hard time making friends cause im very internal but want too try letting others in so itll help with my healing process... and hope that what ive learned will help others as well...
  2. Juridicalo​ne71
    you are not the only one, I find it very hard to socialise with people, just can really make a conversation really. I really would like to make some friends and I have been trying.
  3. survivorgirl
    Hi, i would like to make friends here but i don't really know how to start
  4. kelseyfi
    I have the same issue. I tend to keep people at arms length but really do want to find friends.
  5. jmk
    I guess its all about reaching out from our fears and testing the waters for the first time....the hardest part was saying that were internal and don't know how too let others know that done by myself for so long alone that we actually reached out and said hey... im here would like too make friends that was the first step im here if anyone wants too add me too friends list or need someone just too listen ,,, now that's my first step of coming out of being internal.... good job for making that first step
  6. lokenah
    I honestly also find it hard to speak to people. Maily because I fear that they will betray my trust, but sometimes it's good to let go of that and realise that there is some good people out there. x
  7. SebastianAmore
    I would love to be friends. I am decently social, and will chat all the time XD

  8. sofi
    i would really like to be you friend if it is ok . dont have many friends at all either cause im a little shy an dont talk much
  9. niqunar
    I would like to be your friend Please add me. I am currently recovering from a traumatic relationship and I would like to share with others so that they too can recover.
  10. wonderin'
    I make intentions to make friends then end up getting nervous and don't know what to do or say then end up alone still. I want to make friends too.
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