How old are your rats?

  1. Arjaxx
    Mine are 4 years, and just about 8 months.
  2. username
    One is like 7 months one is like 6 months and 2 are a little over 8 weeks old
  3. doogie
    im not sure :( maybe less than a year?
  4. Ratkins79
    I have one that is 2 1/2...He's my old guy. I have one that is about 1 1/2. I have one that is about 5 months. I have one that is 8 weeks and 5 that are 7 weeks. That's my Mischief.
  5. theunwanted
    think about 9 months, they were rescues and the info is sketchy
  6. greenfinch
    hi rattie lovers!

    i'm new here and my rats are currently nonexistent... but i just know there are two lovely ratties out there somewhere just waiting for me i had a look at your rat pics and they all look gorgeous! anyways, hi everyone
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