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  1. moondreams
    this is kind of like the how r u thread in the forums. but instead we can express ourselves, how we feel, whats on our minds. kind of just like shout out to how u feel or whats going on.

    example u could say

    1)im really stressed out today.


    2)i decided to do some art today. and i really think i made a lot of progress.

    3) im so into this song right now. it has put me in a good mood.

    let me start.
    im in a really bad mood because it seems like everything always goes bad and nothing i plan ever works out. so im really down today and just want to whine about this. thx for listening.

  2. moondreams
    Im in a bad mood because the mom was really mean to me today and she put me down. Im feeling really depressed and angry at the moment.

  3. Floraison
    I just wanna run wild but all my f*ckn wild friends r gone. Wanna kick back. Screw everything. Watch the clouds go by.
  4. moondreams
    honestly right now im in a bad place. i feel like just giving up. im having a really hard time right now.

  5. fox13
    I'm pissed today . We've got all this going on and now we got a new kid and she's all kinds of messed up. Not her fault but it pisses me off what those son's of 's did to make her like that. The kid won't do anything without permission and I don't know how to protect her and I just feel so :censo useless .
  6. moondreams
    man thats really hard.

    im pissed off too cuz ppl in my life. also mad cuz i cant get my meds and im sick as well. plus im tired. so really stressed right now.

  7. Winterborn
    In a kk mood because listening to my fave band and playing Oblivion.

    Buuuut, sort of apprehensive about counselling tomorrow lol.

  8. familyof23
    I is scard because owr bigs is going to skool and I no like skool. Is veri scari for me. To meny bigs dat no like me so I has to stay in da casle and dats no fun.
  9. moondreams
    Feeling really depressed today. And I feel hopeless because everything is sucking and nothing good ever happens to us. Im so down right now.

  10. catmomLitterbox
    hi i am beth and i feel like i should be having fun. the body is 22 yet i am 15 and host should be having fun but dont. i dont get host sometimes. i think it is good to go out and have some kind of fun. anymore
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