Teens Intros

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  1. moondreams
    hey just a page where we say hi. so 1st off hi we are amy and destiny. amy age 13 and destiny age 16. we will add some more things later on. just wanted to say hi and introduce ourselves. really excited to talk to other teens and get to know everyone. so hi everyone. hope we can hang out and make some new friends here. welcome everyone.

    amy and destiny
  2. phoenixsystem13
    yo =] we'll do this after dinner lol
  3. moondreams
    lol we will be waiting
  4. BrokenGirl
    hi im boo and im 15 really excited to see this!
  5. moondreams
    hi boo. welcome. looking foward to talking to u and other teens.

    now going to say hi everyone. my name is mirra. i am 13 years old. im another person from the moondreams system. nice to meet everyone.
  6. phoenixsystem13
    hey its britt;
    super different body than this one.
    like most music, tats, guys with tats.... yeah lol.
    kinda sucks because host is lesbian.. so meh.

    alex and jennie want to post- but they're 12... so dont know.
  7. lunateen
    sup everyone. my name is luna. im a teen of course. im 13 years old. i like music and chatting online and watching tv and stuff. anyway just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. so hi.
  8. Aidiehd
    Cool to meet everyone!

    I'm Aid, a dude, im kinda between 16-18ish, Im a protector, I like all sorts of stuff, mostly kinda the laid back - guy next door - big brother type.
  9. moondreams
    Hey everyone nice to meet you. Im another teen. My name is Alexia. Im 14. I like to relax and listen to music and do that sort of thing too. Just thought I would say hi as well.
  10. Floraison
    Hey s'up? New teen fresh from the Matrix, lol. I'm sawyer. I like Katy peri and feeling the wind on my face, the wind in my hair and the surf on my feet. My host is a lez too, lol.
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