Which of the captains is your favorite?

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  1. Tasha1701D
    For me, this is Captain Picard, hands down. He was amazing in his character and in his captaincy. He grew so much from Encounter at Farpoint to the end of the TNG movies. And an added plus is that Patrick Stewart is a survivor. I did love Captain Sisko as well, but Captain Picard will always, always be my favorite.
  2. theunwanted
    Yup have to go with Jean Luc Great leadership and a good heart.
  3. Arjaxx
  4. CollectiveUk
    Captain Picard, is our favourite he really good character, plus Next Generation was our preferred show to watch out of all the Star Treks. Also Patrick Stewart is a really good actor. Curious why you said he is a survivor though Tasha? maybe you could elaborate on that next time we chat.
  5. Tasha1701D
    Hey Collective, there's a video somewhere online but can't find it at the moment, where he talks about his survival of child abuse and his mom survived abuse, but here's the blog post that the girl who asked about it at a Con wrote. I'll look for the video when I'm home tonight or this weekend. http://lemonsweetie.tumblr.com/post/51652237280
  6. CollectiveUk
    Thanks Tasha, Read the link and also the video was the blue x, so watched it as well. Thank you for finding it and sharing it with us. Amazing to see
  7. Tasha1701D
    You're most welcome. I think Capt Picard is amazing, as well as Patrick Stewart being amazing.
  8. fox13
    Captain Kirk is honestly my favorite, the relationship he has with his crew, especially Spock is heart warming. He cares so much for all his people and would do anything for them even if it means risking his life or career.
  9. Ash-li
    Picard -- head and shoulders above the rest and really set the bar for all captains!

    I did see an interview with the actor, Patrick Stewart, who spoke of his father's alcoholism and abusing his mother.
  10. Tasha1701D
    I've been watching some Deep Space Nine episodes lately, and I've really been admiring how Captain Sisko (or Commander, depending on the timeline in the show) handles command. He has a very different style than Captain Picard, but I do really like it. I mean, he was able to work comfortably with Kira, who has a very interesting temper, after only a very short while. He was able to build relationships with everyone under his command, and even a few frustrating Ferengi. I just think this command style is very interesting.

    What do y'all think about the various captains' style of command?
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