introducing he Lab who owns us

  1. Marley
    our owner is a 9 1/2 yr old veteran yellow lab who on occasions permits us to share more than just the edge of "his" bed. having been abandoned and abused as a pupling, we share much in common, and now he too has entered the Fort. It didn't take long before he took us to obedience school and walks, where we eventually got the hang of what he required to sniff and greet. Obedience school was met with repeated failure to ever so sweetly (not quite) remind his attention deficit to not be so friendly to teachers, and although it seems rude, socialising in class is not permitted. We valievtly explained the consequences of continual distractions would be to have you continually feeling the requirement to meet new friends, as your existing friends will have graduated. it took several attempts to realise that this minor detail did not bother him, as he continued to wag his tail and be friendly, even to those in higher grades who knew they were not to socialise in class, causing serious distraction.
    Despite my failing to accept he was excessively friendly, we graduated and entered him in interclub competitions. Here he shon, he was such a gem, he would pass all the components amongst the highest scorers to make the club proud, except for one very minor detail - disruption = total loss of score, and a overall reduction in club score -oops ummmm.
    so the yellow labradore retriever, hates rain, doesnt like water (unless it is pre warmed, ) will roll in the smallest of puddles, swim in any water bowl, and is too friendly; and the us, whom he owns, is eternally in his debt for he permits us to share "his" bed, his fur, and his life while asks very little in return.
    (and for those who may think of "marley & me" Marley was well before that, we get it all the time , Lab's name is not Marley, and not sorry to see its popularity fade)
  2. Specialone
    Aww your lab sounds amazing .

    The lab that rules my house is 3 years old, black and highly intelligent. She knows many commands and achieved gold in Obedience and adjility classes. She also can (for fun only) carry out house hold tasks such as turning on the light, pulling out the washing and even gardening- well digging holes that is! She thinks she is a cat as this Lab loves to climb onto the very top and lay across the back of the sofa rather than resting on the seats or in her bed. She is a fan of water and if there is any water near us she is sure to find it and get excited. She used to attend swimming classes and when she swims she snorts like a piglet, which is very funny as her name given before she started swimming is Peppa Pig. Named by my young niece. Peppa is also T trained and provides 24/7 T just by being there. We love her so much and just want to hug her all the time.
  3. Marley
    hi specialone

    clearly your lab missed the bit of the training manual which says just who owns whom?

    labs are much brighter than they are given credit for - if they start with registered and established obediance classes.
    as much as we hated Marley and Me (couldn't they have called the lab "Buster" or a proper dog name) we think it highlighted how destructive an untrained and bored lab can get. Suddenly labs didnt all come as well behaved guide dogs!
    we are grateful our lab enjoys gardening as much as we do(n't) and is not into digging holes.

    in the serach for a dog, we were NOT going to get a boy dog (ok, vet made him part boy,) we were NOT going to get an abused/behavioural problem dog, we were NOT going to get a yellow lab (dumb blond of labs) and then came "oh but he's so cute" so we took home this male yellow lab who had been abused and had behavioural problems, whose temperament is faultless if you exclude overly friendly.

    You have worked hard with your black lab to achieve those obediance levels. Have you considered FlyBall if there is one near you. It is a gadget that hold a tennis ball which the dog retrieves as part of a crazy team of ball retrievers. It could be your next goal.

    Our boy loved FlyBall. He never got the hang of only one ball is his AND he had to bring it all the way back without saying "hello" to the dogs in the opposing teams. Oops. Overly friendly syndrome disqualifies again.

    Labs will do almost anything for a doggy treat, or help themself if your dinner is on the bench :(

    So good to read the team you and your lab has become.

  4. Specialone
    I loved reading about how you picked your dog made me smile . Thanks for sharing.

    Fly ball sounds like a lot of fun and ill look into it. She does have regular play dates with her friends and they play ball games at the local park but I think like your dog, mine would be overly friendly with the other teams in fly ball lol.

    We did try 'ring training' where she has to walk in a posh manner down the cat walk lol, we went a few times and it is DEFINATLY not for her lol she just prances about and doesn't wait her turn then rolls over for a tummy rub when the judge tries to examine her.... soooo funny!! My dog is gorgeous but obviously isn't 'posh' enough to fit in with this kind of crowd. It was hilarious, we took her when she was a pup and one guy was wiping his dogs bottoms before the show training and he pushed them about on a dog stroller!! during the lesson my pup pooped on the run way lol the others were so shocked. like EWWW! lol
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