What do you see in the mirror

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  1. keisa
    When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see,
    a frail , broken,weak,useless etc person
    a victor to what put behind, a strong full of life person ?
    what do you see when you look in your eyes
    content ?
    will you change
    it doesn't matter ....
  2. CollectiveUk
    It depends on who is most near the front, we see that person..... Tasha get upset and finds it hard as she not know what she really looks like as she only sees them looking back at her....
  3. prettykate1989
    We see whoever is up front as well Collective.. I think some can make themselves look like others too.. I dont think Kate really knows who she is or what she looks like.. there is just all of US looking back at her.. We avoid looking in the mirror a lot of the times..for fear of who will look back at us
  4. Micha
    I don't really look in the mirror. I look at my hair for brushing, my lower eyelids for eyeliner, lashes for mascara. Sometimes I look into my own eyes out of some weird curiosity, I guess. I see and feel nothing. I try not to look at my face as a whole. This brings disgust.
  5. stayingstrong
    i used to see just all hate and bad but it has gotten a lil better
  6. CollectiveUk
    Stayingstrong - we are pleased to hear it has got a little better for you

    Prettykate1989 - we understand about avoiding mirrors, we try to do that a lot, especially as the ones that pick and scratch at our skin, start up as soon as they see ourselves in the mirror. This upsets Tasha and the younger ones as it makes us look horrible plus it upsets those that love us i.e. our mum.

    Micha - Its not that strange to want to look into your eyes, we do that as well but more curious to see what colour they are at that point and if we can link them to certain personalities/alters.
  7. Malice
    Depends on my mood I suppose but I bounce between... Imperfections Galore and Beautiful (accepting that I have prettiness somewhere)
  8. keisa
    staying strong- that's nice to hear I mean you are taking one step forward in all the messes you have been through
    micha- to look at your eyes its a way of looking to your soul maybe that's the reason you are curious to look in your eyes. you just need to learn to love your self no matter what people says you are always beautiful ....
    prettykate1989- we avoid mirrors because we don't want to see the disappointment in there. that's probably the reason ....
  9. adonis
    we see the bad side of us we see the worst in ourselves or we see the person who judges us the most
  10. Micha
    Adonis, I don't know if you were talking about yourself(selves) or speaking in general terms, but I think you hit the nail squarely on the head. Seeing what the person who judges us the most is the same as the "tapes" that play in our head when we say things like, "I'm stupid." I grew up being called stupid by my mother and fat by my brother and that's how I see myself when I'm down.

    Keisa, I know what you mean, I can usually tell by someone's eyes if they're a good or "bad" person. I creeps me out because I don't see anything at all.
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