Anime soundtracks

  1. theredmarker
    Hey all. There's a site called Gendou's Anime Music, where you can find music from pretty much any anime. They even have karaoke versions of songs, if you ever want to sing them yourself! It's free to join, and runs on donations. So if you've ever wondered about the "full" versions of opening/ending songs, or just like the instrumentals during the show, you can probably find them there.

    Feel free to post your own links if you know of safe sites with more music!

    Gendou's Anime Music:
  2. theredmarker
    I didn't wanna make a whole new thread for this one video, so I figured this would be a half-decent place for it. This is an interesting Pokémon mash-up to a techno-sounding song. I enjoyed it! Check it out.

  3. skwidkid
    Origin: Spirits of the Past
  4. SebastianAmore
    What OSTs are you guys listening to right now? I have been really liking FMAB a lot lately. -Sarah
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