Okay All Commencement Aka The Beginning

  1. Lex54224
    So My name is Lex and You All are my lovely talented or soon to be extremely talented friends. Because you all have your own talent and working together will only improve that. So are you all ready for awesomeness. I hope so. So lets start with introductions of what our talents are aka writing, singing, instrument, drawing etc. Anything that you think could help this band

    For I am Lex the
  2. theredmarker

    I'm Red. Wheee. Mostly, I'm a storyteller, but I use lots of different mediums for that: short stories, novellas, novels, comics/manga, etc...I like drawing cartoons/charicatures, and I like using pastels sometimes...I like to sing, and I sometimes play by ear on the piano for fun.

  3. Amarra
    Am Tweet.. I sing and draw
  4. Caro's_Littles
    Honey, Jennifer, and Melody all sing.
    Melody plays the flute, is learning to sing parts and conduct music.
  5. RocioCaro
    My main instrument is the flute. I have played off-and-on since I was 9.

    I also sing tenor and second alto. When I have the time and money to do so, I sing with our city's chorale, which does pretty high-caliber classical music.

    I also tinker with woodwinds: recorder, tin whistle, bagpipe practice-chanter, fife, piccolo, etc

    I am attempting to teach myself to play guitar.

    I play a LITTLE piano... just enough to do right hand only or left hand only... but if I try to put both hands together, it sounds like the music just got massacred. Needless to say, the keyboard is not my instrument.

    I joined this group because it would be nice to learn to play guitar with others.

  6. Winterborn
    Signing up for band practice, lol!

    Can play alto and tenor sax, trumpet, most brass instruments ('cept trombone), can play keys and piano but had to quit 'cause of fingers getting hurty (arthritis) and used to play guitar but refuse to any more, maybe one day will learn again

    Woo for band! x
  7. JustMeM
    Hi Im JustMeM and I play piano, guitar and I draw and paint sometimes as well. Also trying out for the band even though I am a bit shy I will try my best
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