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  1. skwidkid
    I like many anime series. There's plenty of anime out there and I think a little something for everyone. I thought I might start writing about some of them here and maybe we could do some character, plot, and other overall story discussions with the different series.

    Some series I've found to be quite entertaining to start are:

    Wolf's Rain
    Eden of the East
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Tenchi Muyo
    Fruits Basket
    Cowboy Bebop
    Full Metal Alchemist

    really there's so many more, pick one you like and lets talk about it
  2. theredmarker
    I'm familiar with a few of those.

    Ouran High School Host Club was HILARIOUS. Omg. I don't remember it too well, 'cause I watched it ages ago, but I remember the episode that made me laugh the hardest was the Halloween special. Literally guffawing everywhere. I remember having a soft spot for the twins. I thought they were super cute, although their particular gambit they used in the host club made a lil' uncomfortable, haha.

    I watched Wolf's Rain start-to-finish fairly recently. Loved it! It had such a sense of nostalgia the entire way through. I gotta say, the one part that made me cry was when Quint realized he was speaking to Blue, and they had that epic reunion. Omg. So many tears. Nothing was more touching than that. I didn't even cry at the deaths of certain characters. Usually I do; kinda strange. Anyway...I liked the sense of neverending-ness of the story. How the world is born, dies, and is reborn again. I think that's a powerful statement, and I tend to agree with it. I really liked how when the world was being reborn, it showed Darcia's eye seeping darkness into the world. That kinda shows us that it's not really "Paradise" they found...but a beginning of a neverending cycle of yin & yang.
  3. skwidkid
    First one I am going to talk about is Wolf's Rain. I like the two season show. The end of the first season may seem dull as it repeats a lot, but it does offer unseen perspectives into each character as it does so if you pay attention. I love how the world has gone into a post apocalyptic type state where society has all but crumbled and the wolves are extinct... or are they?

    Wolve's have been extinct for hundreds of years and legend states they the wolve's are the only ones that can find the one true best place on earth where all we be whole and well again... Paradise. We meet wolves one by one to form a rag tag pack of sorts. They travel together, arguing, hating each other, finding brother hood, and ultimately becoming a pack. They each have their own personal goals but ultimately are avoiding humans. The wolves we follow are Hige, Toboe, Kiba, and Tsume. Man wants the power of the long extinct and legendary wolf as they too want to find Paradise.

    In a way I think it would be unfair to say I have a favorite wolf as each wolf has their won special offerings that make me connect to them. Hige doesn't recall of his past but does have a liking to humans, especially the food. He has a good sense of humor but also wishes to fit in. Kiba... he's searching for Paradise... "even if you search to the ends of the earth... nothing is there, but in spite of it why am I so driven to find it? A voice calls to me... and says, 'Search for Paradise.' " Kiba ultimately drives this pack forward and though not the most dominant of the wolves seems to be the calm and collective leader of the pack. He has this drive that keeps him going in search for what he believes is out there. Tsume is the hard one. He's the take no crap from anyone lone wolf kind of guy. He's been the leader of human packs, but to gain what he wants. Once with the wolves he begins to see he's more than a trap of his loneliness. Toboe is our last wolf. He's the pup. He's been a pet and has a love for humans that the others don't quite understand. He feels that they are comforting and trusts them where the others do not. They meet Cheza made from alchemy and they all believe that paradise is real and true. They take a remarkable journey of finding paradise and learning who they are themselves.

    All these differences make for an interesting combination. The story gets even more compelling when you add in the human aspects of it. The man hunting the wolves down, Quent, and his dog Blue. The couple that are estranged. He wants his wife back but she's obsessed with Cheza. Lady Jagara and Noble Darcia... all bring the story full circle adding twists and turns and making the story so much more full.
  4. Wolfcub
    When you say 'Full Metal Alchemist' do you mean that or 'Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood' because I have watched both and to be fair, brotherhood is so amazing and its better as it follows the manga

  5. theredmarker
    Well, I did mean FullMetal Alchemist. I have yet to watch Brotherhood, but I'd like to. I read the manga, and it was excellent, so I look forward to seeing the story follow it. I think FMA was brilliant in its own way, though, and I enjoyed it and the movie immensely.
  6. skwidkid
    Ok, been a while but today's anime FairyTail! It's a great anime that follows wizards in a guild and gives you the back stories of your favorite characters while going through new tasks and trials. My favorite characters are Natsu and Gray. I'd say Gray is my favored of the two. The series gives interesting insights on to why people may not get along and fight with each other though deeply they are concerned for one another. I really like the introspection watching this anime gives me. It's truly a work of art and I would suggest this series to anyone. Good for all age groups though there is death in it from time to time though not graphic. Ok, let me know what you think of this anime if you watch it!
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