Places to read manga online

  1. theredmarker
    In this thread, you can share and discuss links to websites that allow the online reading of manga. If the manga are available for purchase in your area, please support the creators by purchasing a couple volumes.

    The site I use the most often for reading manga online is Manga Reader. They do release chapters of manga that are available in North America, but the chapters are translated and edited by volunteers. The "official" English releases may be translated a little bit differently, which is why it's technically legal to put them up. Sometimes the scans aren't top quality, and sometimes the translators make grammatical errors, but if you can overlook these occasional mistakes, you'll probably enjoy looking through all the neat stories. Here's a link:

    My friend Mark, who knows a lot about technology (and the ethics involved), recommends the site Batoto Comics. I haven't looked into it in great detail, but it's a clean place, and respects the wishes of scanlation groups, which apparently get abused by other sites. So it's nice they have this standard they keep themselves at. You can check it out here:

    Share your own links, if you like!
  2. SebastianAmore
    I like Mangahere mostly because they have a bookmarks, on hold, and completed section. The updates can be slow though; so if I'm really impatient, I go somewhere else.
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