Ick. Easter is supposed to be fun... *possible TW for brief mention of faith life*

  1. EllieBelleKitty
    I think I need to make a big ol' mental sticky-note not to shop at this one store before Easter anymore.

    I walked in to buy vinegar for my Easter egg coloring. Three things my inner child will not be denied at Easter are: the ability to attend church, eating malted milk eggs, and coloring hard boiled eggs, and we need to do that with vinegar. Couldn't find vinegar anywhere so I wandered into this shop.

    This shop is piteously disorganized. I wandered over to the grocery aisle and couldn't find vinegar...the scary thing is I'm getting used to their particular brand of disorganization. I was able to intuit both that there was no way they were going to lose out on the chance to sell anything since they like to think of themselves as a one-stop holiday shop, and that it would probably be in the seasonal area despite it being a grocery item. So I headed over there.

    Right above the egg coloring was, sure enough, vinegar. And right next to the egg coloring were...BUNNIES! My inner child loves bunnies...and chicks...and lambies...

    But why did that one look so familiar???

    A little blue bunny held a banner that said "Some Bunny Loves You!" Why do I recognize that one?...

    Oh. I got one just like it for my former fiance last year. I was in this same shop, in this same aisle, getting ready to make him a Easter basket, knowing full well he probably hadn't had one since he was ten. Yep, last year I was buying candy and a basket and Easter grass...

    This year I'm buying vinegar.

    Just like last year I was celebrating with a family - not my family since my mother disowned me, but my fiance's family...

    This year I'm going to be sitting here alone. My family's gone, that family...nope...and the one friend I used to celebrate with is now known to be a worm and is not welcome in my house anymore.

    Ick. Somehow I gotta salvage this holiday!!!
  2. silentwhispers
    yep holidays are suppose to be fun....
    but this easter has been horrible for us.
    I hope you were able to savage it and have some good times too.
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