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  1. RocioCaro
    If you are a history buff, but prefer the to read the fiction versions of things, post your historical fiction books and authors here.
  2. still hoping
    still hoping
    I really enjoy the work of Phillipa Greggory, she focuses mostly on 16th and 17th century England, but I find it fascinating. I'd really recommend 'The Other Bolyen Girl' (although not the movie!) and 'The Queen's Fool', although anyone who's easily triggered by s*x (just generally) or by mentions of violence might not enjoy these types of books.
  3. Seafox66
    I love the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (sp?) and also enjoy time travel historical fiction. The Lady of Hay is another favorite of mine but has much violence in it as it takes place in the middle ages. My eyes are getting bad so my brother in law got me a Kindle and now I can make the letters as big as I want!
  4. eagle22
    Hello all

    I'm new to this group. Thought I'd post my fav historical writer..she is a cut above the normal bodice ripping sort and I highly recommend her work:

    Dorothy Dunnett....Francis Crawford series of books...six in total and fab in content...give it a try if you like your history well researched.
    The books locations are Scotland,England,Ireland,France,the Middle East and Russia.. during the 16thc.

    They take in ten years in the turbulent life of Francis Crawford,an outlaw ,mercenary and titled younger son of a Scottish baron..
    Hope someone else gets as much enjoyment from reading these books as I have
    xxxx M
  5. AnnieGoLightly
    Hi all! I am here to warn you about reading The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. It takes place in Europe in the 1870s. It's essentially about a group of expats living in Europe and it's boring me to distraction. I can't find any empathy or even sympathy, for any of the characters. And the pace of the novel is dizzyingly slow. Theres not a lot of dialogue. It's a lot of description. If anyone has read this book, or wants to read this book and want to explain/discuss it with me, that would be amazing! But yeah, I'm just saying for me, it was a snooze-fest.
  6. Determined
    Oh I LOVE Philippa Gregory books. Her most famous book became a movie, The Other Bolelyn Girl. I just read The Constant Princess. All her books are great.
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