how do you heal what wont leave you alone

  1. fox13
    Healing for me is very difficult sometimes. the reason for this is because of the way that I remember things. whenever I remember something, I get the emotions attached to the memory and feel them like I am in that moment again and it makes it really hard for me to move on and let go of things. You see I have aspergers(a part of the autistic spectrum) and this means I have trouble reading emotional cues and understanding and processing my own emotions. Due to my issues with emotionsand my near idedic(photographic) memory, I remember things very vividly and feel the related emotions just as vividly, so how do I heal when I can't move past my past emotions? How do I learn to move on & let go? I'm just wondering if anyone else is running into these problems in their healing journey?
  2. gailbarbara
    It must be very difficult for you with that total recall. I do not have that so I cannot totally uderstand. I do remember virtually everything that is said to me hoever (verbal memory). It makes it hard to fool myself about what ocurred and makes people angry when I mention it if they can forget more easily.

    I try not to "call it up" unless I need it for some reason and instead focus on the present and the future. I don't know if you can do that but it has helped me a little.
  3. fox13
    Yeah, I understand about verbal recall, I pretty much never forget things I hear, especially negative things or things I find interesting. I will try my best to focus on the present and future and see if it helps. Thanks so much for the advice.
  4. brillasolare
    Im actually struggling with a really similar thing. I have triggers everywhere and it is really annoying. I flinch and I get flashbacks before I actually realize that it's okay. So, I understand. I actually joined recently to learn how to move past this, like you. I guess its going to be a little while, before I get past it, I suppose.
  5. Anniie
    We are struggling with similar at the moment. Will it ever get any better?
  6. CoopDog
    Challenged with moving past.......and so glad this is posted..........doing well...then was sent a newspaper article (everything is online now) from a well meaning husband who is in jail for my attempted murder...appeal was granted based on a technicality with some evidence...... and ....the hospitalization, the learning to walk again, the attack, surgeries, and all.....all came back in a flood and the ptsd and flashbacks....very hopeful to hear some great insights from you incredibly strong people on here......

    I am also here to post and help and contribute.....with heart felt support to all who are healing! So proud of you all!!
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