1. Mickey
    Hey, I dont know how to knit, but can crocheters post here too?

    Em-j, I think that fact that you spin yarn is so cool! i bet it is very relaxing and therapeutic for you. seems like it would be.

    whenever i try to crochet, i kinda lose count of my stitches, and everything doesnt seem to come out even lol i have made some afghans, and i tried to make some placemats, but some of them came out lopsided! haha

    I have a hard time following patterns...any suggestions?
  2. Shoejen
    I am a crocheter as well and find I
    that although I enjoy knitting...I get discouraged and drop stitches...ugh.
    I found an easy pattern for a shrug that may be good. I am doing one now. I will have to make some alterations to mine because my tension is a bit tight...but am really enjoying it.

    One thing I started doing to save on yarn expenses is reclaiming yarn from 100 percent cotton, mens sweaters from goodwill. If you go on can find some for $1.00. Eddy Bauer has the easiest to reclaim. You canfind directions online on how to reclaim it. It is very rhythmic and therapeutic for me plus I get tons of good yarn for next to nothing. Yay!
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