Summer is upon us and so are all those summer family get-togethers

  1. busymom
    How can we handle reunions, parties, cookouts, etc with triggery family.

    Lets post some tips here.

    Me? I keep an extra dose of my Xanax in my pocket and got outside or away from everyone for a quiet time out to keep my sanity.
  2. quiltfairy
    i am just so tired of the family problems and getting blamed for anthikng that might go wrong i just donot go that is the request of the family
  3. songbird
    my family is okay but i feel like i dont fit in. i know they love me as much as they can but i feel that it isnt good enough sometimes. i feel ungrateful saying this but a lot of times i feel like they say more unnecessary comments to me than to anyone else. i dont get it.

    so all im saying is that i love my family but i now i have a double or even triple life for them :(
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