Easter Is coming up soon...

  1. Iris
    I don't have issues with easter and don't have to see my family but im sure a lot of you out there do.
    I know its a trigger time for people who have been thru sra/ra....

    just wanted to start a thread incase people need to talk.

  2. quiltfairy
    i never had issues before on easter but things have changed last easter it was a blow out and that is not a good thing the police were c`alled whe ni was getting ready to leave i was the one the called them my son and daughter in law caused so much trouble and yet i was blamed for everthing but that is pretty normal it has been the same way for 56 years i am nolonger welcome at holiday functions or other family functionsif i shoew up at any functions where my parents and son are the minuet i walk in the door i am asked to leave i have a aunt that tries to help me stay but i just can nolonger take the stress my t is extreamly worried about me right now i am going through a rough time a lot of memories a lot of trigures i worked hard here at home all day so i could get some sleep tonight i knew that is the only way i am going to sleep so today had been a busy one although there are things that didnot get done. those things are for tommarow i am going to treat it just as if it is another day i cannot force my self to go to church although i rewally want to but my mind and body just won't let me.
    thank you for being here i was going to start a new tread but was un able to so thank you

    god bless everyone at the fort
  3. Iris
    Im thinking of you today quilt...
    Hoping the day passes quickly.
    Its just another day.

    sending u hugs. >:<
    keeps safe

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