Well crap.

  1. weepingwillow
    On top if everything else I fell and broke my leg. I woke up all twisted up and I couldn't move in the morning. That was scary in it's own. Then later the weirdest thing happened. I was standing up, was dizzy, and just fell over. On the way down my leg broke, and I screwed up my ankle.

    I just fell over, happens all the time that I get dizzy. *sigh* I'm so tired of getting hurt.
  2. Iris
    Oh willow so sorry you broke your leg. (hug)

    I would suggest you get tested for vertigo. I just got diagnosed and its a pain. Dizzy and falling not fun but nausea goes with it too. Do you get nauseated?

    Get some rest and take care of you
  3. purpleclouds
    I'm so sorry Willow That's awful. I hope it's not too bad of a break--do you have to have surgery? Sending you good thoughts

    Going off what iris said--Can also be BP or cardio or neuro related--I fall a lot and have nausea and presyncope/dizziness (especially when I stand up) among other things and we think I have POTS or some sort of dysautonomia. Blood sugar is another thing that can cause that...

    I hope you aren't in too much pain.

  4. eagle22
    So sorry Willow about poorly leg...just what you need before Christmas! Think maybe should get the dizziness checked out..although this has more than likely ocurred to you already.
    Hope people rally around you and make you comfy..perhaps just put Christmas lights on you and hang baubles from your ears..a kind of living Christmas tree..
    loads of
    xxxx M
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