Time For Reevaluation - Adding PTSD To My Claim

  1. Kyliene
    Prior to being battered to the point of grave bodily injury on August 14th, 2015, I had been on disability for several years for depression. It's coming time for me to be reevaluated and I think I need to add PTSD to my claim. My psychiatrist has it added as an official diagnosis as of December of last year. Basically I have terrible nightmares, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and I also flinch, put my arms up and yell, "don't hit me!" even if it's just my father or my priest or any male person ... If they approach me from a perspective where they are taller to me in my view (as though I were back in that fetal position trying to protect myself from the blows), and the thing I blurt out is just uncontrollable. I also start shaking and get an adrenaline rush when this happens. It's terribly embarrassing when it occurs with a stranger or someone I'm just getting to know or in public because in my opinion, it screams of, "I've been battered before!" and just about announces it to anyone close enough to see what my, "tic," is, when it happens. I've been wondering though, is PTSD something that is a legitimate claim for the state of California? Has anyone ever gotten a successful claim that had PTSD as their chief complaint? See, I just really am on edge about the reevaluation as I cannot work at all right now and I don't want to do anything to tamper with my case file and possibly lose my benefits. So should I claim this and add the paperwork from the physician (a letter), as well as the court documentation and add this to my claim, or should I just let sleeping dogs lie and continue to try and receive my benefits for untreatable major depression recurrent, generalized anxiety disorder, EDS (excessive daytime sleepiness), and borderline personality disorder? I had to close down my business as an Advanced Crystal Reiki Master a couple years ago while I was in the middle of my previous abusive relationship because I felt that my patients were coming in for treatment from me but were in a better condition that I was. I didn't feel like I was able to successfully provide healing or keep my own negativity separate from my patients anymore. I still feel this way and am not ready to go back to work yet at all. My psychiatrist agrees. I just don't want to screw anything up and lose my claim altogether. I've never done a reevaluation before so I'm pretty nervous.
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