Growing up

  1. moondreams
    lately i feel like im growing up. not like my age inside is changing. im still 13. but i feel like im becoming more mature. i guess ive been doing a lot of really adult things lately. its always been up to us teens to have to be the grown up. but lately ive really had to do more adult things then i ever had to do before. its weird. i feel like im in charge. like im empowered. but im also scared cuz i have so much on my shoulders right now. i feel the weight of the world on top of me. im worried if i mess up that i might ruin things for everyone. but someone has to be in control. someone has to be an adult right now. no one else wants to take on the role. but someone has to. and so far im that person. i wrote more about the actual situation going on in my journal. i didn't want to share it on here because of if something stops me then theres no point of reading my pain everywhere. but im hoping that this feeling doesn't completely go. its scary to walk as an adult. but i feel like i need to be mature. idk its just complicated.

  2. familyof23
    hey Mirra, I get it. Or at least part of it. I am only 15 and I feel like I am acting/functioning like a 30 year old. And I too am having to take on a lot of extra adult type stuff that I don't really WANT to do and I also don't totally feel READY to do. Like some of it I can handle like taking on a few extra chores and helping here and there. But it's like I am having to be a adult double time. Both in RL and on the inside in our world. And I feel kind of important and empowered and confident too, but I also feel very anxious and very tired a lot of the time. Our main leader has me caring for quite a few of our young ones and they require so much care and like attention. And then I have to help host out..and it all can begin to feel like too much at times.. I get it..

    Hey you said no one else WANTED to take the role you are in? Do you mean they just don't want to even if they're technically able or do you mean they can't for some reason? Just wanted to clarify. Because sometimes when things begin to feel like its all too much, i ask for help. Some of the others don't always want to help, but I just explain basically what you said in your last post. That I am overwhelmed and if feels like a lot, that I need a minute to just be me without having to worry about all the adult stuff that i shouldn't even be dealing with at my age, BUT, I also express that SOMONE has to do it and I can't be doing it 24/7 and so they are going to have to pitch in. because we are all stuck in this together.
    Idk it usually works. once I puit it like that they usually realizie that though we may not (ok usually we don't) funciton well together all the time and we may not always like each other, we are all stuck in this together and one person will effect the other so they agree to help me out even itf they don't exactly WANT TO ,,, maybe that would help i
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