"one up"manship

  1. one-non_blonde
    Ok I have 8 older sisters and being the youngest, I have endured their sarcasm, ridicule, hatred and jealousy.

    Every time I say I am going to do something or have done something, several of those closest in age to me (especially the one right next to me) has already done it or about to....GGrrr! I want to pull my hair out. And they never understand why I do things. If I try to better myself, then I am just getting all uppity in their opinion. They actually refer to me with a very bad name. That is why I am several states away from them and rarely talk to them.

    For example, my house was hit by a tornado - half the walls and roof was torn off..one sister thought I could still live there and why did I need a new home? just throw a tarp over it....Hello? I have a destroyed house! Then her window was broken in a storm and she acted like it was the end of the world!

    Another time I was going to have my hair dyed with some purple streaks and of course the sister right next to me (the abusive bully) was going to do the same thing but with blue. She hasn't done jack squat but she just had to try and one up me...

    It gets so old and I'm too old to play games like this. Anyway....Anybody else have siblings from Hell?

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