NSAIDs for chronic pain

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  1. purpleclouds
    So i've posted here before so some of you know my conditions (fibro, bursitis, back issue, hypermobility, bulging disk, migraines +an abundance of other sometimes painful health problems) . I went to my pain doc (Well pain NP) and she won't give me anymore narcotic pain meds because of an OD that was a freak trauma related RA Thing we won't go into on a med she didn't even prescribe. I understand the concern and respect the decision. That med didn't work too well for me anyway--last a couple hours and then pain was worse. However my whole body hurts all the time. Sometimes it hurts to walk.

    There is one good thing. I am going off lithium which i have been on for many years but it turns out i'm not bipolar. So now i can take NSAIDs. I've found both tylenol and plain ibuprofen (and NSAID) to be unhelpful (based on a genetic test and experience) for me so i was wondering if anyone was on a NSAID for chronic pain and/or migraines that particularly worked?? Prescription is fine--just no controlled substances. Just your experiences --i know you're not doctors. I already take gabapentin for nerve pain and also a muscle relaxant. i'm really hopeful that i can find something that will work! PT hasn't been successful.

    Also all of my joints hurt--my hips are the bursitis so i get that but now it's my knees and ankles and wrists and elbows and shoulders and i'm worried it's something more than fibro... does anyone have these symptoms with fibromyalgia? They though i had Rheumatoid Aritis or something at some point so i will bring up the issue with rheumatologist tomorrow. I just don't know. The pain has just been getting progressively worse over the years instead of better.

  2. weepingwillow
    Sucks to hurt all the time. :( Ibuprofen works for me, so that's what I use. I have a lot of stomach trouble that makes regular doses of aspirin a bad idea. Tylenol does nothing for me, might as well be a sugar pill. Naproxen helps some for me, I know it works for other people. I have body wide joint and muscle problems, so my joints frequently hurt like that. I have cartilage and bone that is degenerating, so that just sucks. They have me on gabapentin too. It's not perfect, but I've had a lot fewer headaches at least. I've also heard that lithium can cause muscle cramps and joint pain, so maybe some of it will go away as you go off the lithium. I would be overjoyed if they'd prescribe me a muscle relaxer. I haven't really asked though.
  3. purpleclouds
    Thanks willow. I didn't end up having my appointment today--well i drove an hour into the city and went up to the 6th floor and the receptionist said someone cancelled my appointment. sigh. i swear i didn't cancel it So they said i could sit in the waiting room for 2 hours or i could come back tomorrow so that's what i'm doing--coming back tomorrow.

    The muscle relaxant isn't perfect--i mean if it's really bad it can help a little the thing is at least for me it tends to make me sleepy.
  4. familyof23
    I honestly can't give too many ideas on NSAIDS. I find a lot of them to be the equivalent to sugar pills...not helpful.. I do take Naproxen from time to time and it takes the edge off. I have found that gabapentin has been helpful to some extent but it didn't take all of the pain away. And now that some of my issues are making it really hard to do daily stuff, they have put me on a cocktail of Gabapentin and Lamotragine (no idea if I spelled that right.) and that has been really beneficial for me. not saying it will work for everyone but it's helping me.
    Also (especially because trauma related stuff makes it SUPER hard for us to take meds regularly) I find that looking into alternative pain reducers to be super helpful. Idk if you have heard of Reiki, but it's hands on energy healing, (nothing spiritual just an energy exchange of sorts) but I use it quite a bit. Because it's so helpful on so many levels. It has actually decreased the amount of flashbacks and body memories I have (when I do it at least..sadly doesn't last forever) It works wonders for just regulating my emotions and keeping them closer to baseline. And is very helpful for pain.
    also there are bath liquids/salts etc that have menthol and spear mint and a couple other natural things that I use that can be helpful. It's a lot of trial and error, but maybe look into some non-med solutions to use in conjunction with any meds your on now?
  5. purpleclouds
    Thank you for your response!

    I've been on gabapentin 3x a day for a long time. Sometimes it's hard for me to remember the middle dosage. I take lamictal (same as lamotrigine) but I didn't know that had an effect on pain.

    Since I posted this first thread I started a prescription NSAID called etodolac. I think it sort of helps. I still have pain but there have been less days where it's totally unbearable. Of course that doesn't treat the other associated conditions and since I'm having so many medical issues I may not be aware of the general widespread pain as much.

    I have to be careful taking other NSAIDS now since I take a prescription one but my doctor said I could try others occasionally. Naproxen has taken the edge off. I've found that excedrine extra strength ( which is an aspirin/?? Combination) seems to actually work and when I discovered that I was so happy because prescription migraine meds had made things worse in the past.

    Since It seems like my fibro is a stress response I was going to try somatic therapy but that fell through. Myofascial release therapy and acupuncture were also suggested. I'm going to keep looking into it but right now I'm having a bunch of othe worsening issues and those have to be addressed first.
  6. Iris
    I had success with Cymbalta but you cannot take NSAIDs with it.

    My go to for fibro has always been cough syrup. DM E it helps the pain and knocks me out for those night when you just can't fall asleep.

  7. purpleclouds
    I was on Cymbalta for a while and we ended up thinking I was beginning to have an allergic reaction--lots of edema and whatnot so I had to go off which was a bummer because I think it was helping with the pain a bit. I've heard of Lyrica helping people but I'm terrified of the weight gain generally associated with it and I think because of my reaction to Cymbalta my doctor is wary of putting me on it.
  8. ZJ
    I am on Ibuprofen 800 mg along with some other pain meds. It takes some of my aches and pains, and is a good muscle relaxer. I am not sure how it effects you long term, kind of makes me nervous tbh.
  9. weepingwillow
    I take ibuprofen daily too. It's prn, but I get swelling and stuff if I don't take it regularly. From what I understand it's fairly safe, but like any NSAID it can thin blood. Also they can really tear up your stomach, although that's pretty much every pain med. Also been told that it can be hard on your kidneys. Because of other meds I have blood work done semi regularly, so that's one of the things they check.
  10. ZJ
    Thanks Willow! I am on Ibuprofen every day so good to hear about possible side effects. I see a hematologist for some blood issues, so I suppose if something was seriously wrong he would have found it. I will ask though to make sure.
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