What happened??

  1. Rossk
    I hope everyone is doing well, but it seems this group is missing.
  2. ZJ
    I know, my fault really. Could use suggestions as to how you would like the group to go. Wze can do more Bible studies, talk about how G-d has helped us through abuse, how we struggle with G-d and church, because
  3. ZJ
    of abuse issues, e.t.c. Please let me know what you guys wanna see and talk abouf, thanks and
    G-d bless!!
  4. Rossk
    We can do more Bible Studies topic. I mean anything to help heal spiritually from abuse or whatever we need help with.
  5. ZJ
    Good idea! I will be thinking about it. Please let me know what kind of topics you would like to cover.
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