1. Kuro
    Does anyone else play this game? I have played it so many times. I love it so much. It calls out to very deep parts of me. The way you get a new family in the monster friends you make is enough to bring me to tears, but in a good way. Just how unconditionally they care about you (well except in genocide runs, but even then too but less) is... I love it. I wiah I could have played this game when I was little.

    Did I join this group just to post about this game? Yes..
  2. Raikoh948
    I play this game . Well just started to between the ones I play on PS4. This game is really a great story and innovative game play.
  3. theredmarker
    I enjoyed Undetale! The music was friggin' brilliant. Can't remember if I posted any to the music thread on here or not. Maybe I should! :O
    This game made me laugh so hard. All the stuff with Mettaton was priceless. Especially the musical. My favourite character is Papyrus, tho. <3 He's so child-like and amazing.

    Haven't completed the genocide run yet. Final opponent is difficult.
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