I'm going to go back to church this weekend

  1. Facetious
    Hopefully I don't back out!

    I found a nearby church that I am really excited to attend. It's been so long, worried I'll embarrass myself around everyone, but I am excited to finally be returning.

    Hoping that in posting this, I will be less likely to back out. Sometimes I get so nervous about going to new places and can't do it. But I want this! This will be good.
  2. ZJ
    So glad for you, I will be praying! I know it can be nerve racking to go back. I didn't go for a year and it was hard to get back into it. Really am glad I did though, G-d has blessed me so much there. I pray you have the same experience and that G-d will give you peace. If you want, tell us how it goes
  3. purpleclouds
    I've been trying to find a church. I haven't gone back in a few years because my abuser goes and donates to the church i grew up in. The problem is i don't drive and also don't really know where to start looking for a church similar to my old one which i loved.

    Good luck going back to church! Sending good thoughts your way I'd love to hear about it if you would like to share.

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