1. moondreams
    tw maybe

    I think I don't deal with certain things very well. idk if adults deal with it better or different then me. but hospitals scare me. and even if im not the patient I don't like them at all. we had to go last year and experience new stuff there. is it normal to cry mommy or something when ur scared as a teen. idk I just needed an excuse to revive this group. so this is probably pointless but just wanted to talk here. so this group would stay active. so yeah but now im not the patient. but my mom needs to go to the er. and I either stay and be lonely. or I go and have to deal with being there. but theres a lot more to the story then this in my journal. I guess I mainly wanted to write here to just talk. and ask if crying for a parent is a kid thing. cuz maybe I am a baby for wanting mommy when im scared or upset. idk. this is kinda all over the place. sry about that. hope someone reads this. if not oh well I guess.

    my attempt to revive this group.

  2. LovelyChantel
    Hi there. It's not kid thing I'm adult, well kind of lol, more like teen... Anyway, I really feel for you. K? You're not alone. You are allowed to feel whatever you want to and respond accordingly, as long as it's not going to injure you or someone else. Learning coping mechanisms helps (something I have like nothing of). Anyway, ALL the support to you.
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