Fibromyalgia Pain spreading

  1. purpleclouds
    Hi. I've posted before but i have fibromyalgia along with bursitis in both hips, back issues and some other things. Usually my pain is in my hips and back. That's how it's always been. But lately the pain has spread to legs, knees and elbows. When i stand up i nearly fall over from weakness. Does anyone else have experience with pain spreading from one place to another with this condition or another? It's so frustrating. One flare up ends and the next starts and before i know it the original flare up is flaring up again if that makes sense. I'm so tired of being in pain. i can't really exercise but i try to go for walks. I used to run and i was a dancer--all kinds of stuff. not anymore. I had a genetic test done that showed acetaminophen and ibuprofen don't really work for me which leaves narcotics which makes me feel really uneasy. I only take them when i really need them. I tried PT--too painful. I'm trying to be positive. I want to be a nurse so i'll need to be on my feet a lot. I'm hoping these flare ups will pass and i will be pain free for at least a little while.

    Anyways has anyone elses pain spread? Does anyone know why that happens? It' so frustrating.

  2. weepingwillow
    There are a variety of issues that I have, so as I get older and stuff starts bothering me (a knee or elbow or whatever) and breaking down more I have more areas of pain. idk about other reasons, but I have issues with my bones and joints and they're easy to hurt. They get easier to hurt every time I hurt them, so it just keeps getting worse. I know some autoimmune things cause widespread pain. Could be a lot of other reasons for you.
  3. Neurose
    Many survivors develop autoimmune problems, I'm sure due to the excessive stress we experience in combination for the genetic predisposition to them. I know for example that RA PsA and Lupus mutations are all on the same chromosome or something. The mutation I think is called RUNX-1 or the genetic marker can't remember now, of course lol. I was diagnosed with Fibro many years ago but now I believe it was early lupus and possibly some early flare of RA. It's really sad the bad rap Fibro has in the medical community, I gave a dressing down to a triage nurse I worked in the ED with when she rolled her eyes about a Fibro patient coming in to the ED. I'm grateful in a sad way for the other diagnosis because being treated the way I was for Fibro made me feel as if it was in my head and I had plenty of family and friends to painfully insinuate the same. Are you on gabapentin or lyrica? Hope you get some relief ASAP!
  4. purpleclouds
    I am on a lot of gabapentin 3x a day and i think that has helped. I was on cymbalta but it caused a lot of swelling and that was unpleasant. I have a muscle relaxant and a pain pill as needed. The sad thing is your right people don't take people with fibro seriously. My primary doesn't. I went to the pain specialist for pain meds and they were like "it's just fibro." The rheumatologist, who initially tested me for RA because i had some high levels, said i have fibro and she can't really help me (she still sees me though). The one person that was really helpful was the PT assistant. She even taught a class on fibro. I never got to go. I have thought about lupus--i have a lot of the symptoms and my late aunt had it. I'm gonna ask my rheumatologist about the likelihood of me developing it. I guess we'll see with time. I've heard of fibro being related to trauma too. Fibro causes widespread pain--i've always been achy--i just didn't know it would get this bad. Thanks for you responses
  5. moondreams
    my pain has gotten worse lately. and I had to get up my dose of meds for fibro. it seems to be helping so far. but its hard for me to remember to take it all the time. but im doing my best. and it is helping. my pain goes everywhere. its random. sometimes its my legs, my knees, my shoulder blades, my arms, my hands, other places too. and I never know where the pain will be next. so I understand what ur going through. sometimes ill have 2 or 3 areas at pain at the same time. that's really rough for me to have to deal with. im scared of how it will be when im older cuz its already pretty bad now at my young age. but theres nothing I can do about it. I cant really do much because of fibro and other health issues. so I feel u on wanting to do stuff and not always am able to.

  6. ZJ
    I also have fibro, along with autoimmune issues. I have seriously not had a pain free day in years. My pain can go from place to place, doesn't make much sense really. I am on Lyrica, pain meds, and muscle relaxers, I am also on Cimzia, which is an immuno blocker. All of these help and make things bearable, but none really fix the problem. Still on the journey of finding the right combo for me. Hope you find the relief you need
  7. Iris
    Sorry you suffer from that too ZJ. for you and for all
  8. ZJ
    Thanks Iris and to all
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