Prayer Requests

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  1. ZJ
    Would like to start this thread, so that we can all put in prayer requests as needed.

    To start with, I really need healing for pneumonia. I have been sick well over a month, and don't seem to be getting over it. I have been to the doctors three times, and am on my second round of antibotics, so really need healing. Thanks for praying, and please put in a request if you need to
  2. LightningStar
    Psalm 147:3
    He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. (NIV)

    this came to mind. I send out prayer in Christ the Lord, that ZJ will be healed and feeling better soon. Give ZJ the strength they need to get well so that they can continue life's journey free from pain and tired-ness. I send out this prayer in Christ's name, Amen.

    Feel better soon ZJ! I've had pneumonia several times in my life and its NO fun! Sending you healing light.

  3. Sunshinegang
    I know of some folks near me (including my own daughter) who have been battling this, whatever it is, for awhile now too. Seems to settle in the lungs and doesn't want to go.

    Lots of rest, lots of fluids and will pray for healing.

  4. Rossk

    Please rest assure to know that you are healed. That you are fully healthy and restored to wholeness.

    And by His stripes you are healed. (Isaiah 53)
  5. BugGirl793
    Praying for you, ZJ, and for those near you also fighting sickness, Jodie. May He heal you and yours so that you may be healthy as you continue on your path in life.

    Been fighting off a lot of anxiety today. Almost had 3 separate attacks over 3 different things. I tend to suffer from "doomsday thoughts", as a friend calls them, and they have been particularly prevalent today. Been praying for comfort from the Lord, but could use a bit of help if it's not too much trouble.
  6. Rossk

    I am sorry to hear that you have some stress issues. You are in my prayers for deliverance and wholeness. And if you need to you can PM...I try to check boards often.
  7. ZJ
    Hi everyone Thanks for the prayers, I think I am starting to feel better PTL. Still needing a lot of sleep though, which is why my participation at Fort has been light. Praying for your family also Jodie, and their complete recovery.

    Bug girl, will pray for you to, for God to give you peace and comfort. Please keep me updated, if you don't mind.
  8. LightningStar
    ZJ- Glad to hear that your starting to turn the corner! PTL indeed!
    Jodie- Hope your daughter and family get better soon. Prayers your way.
    BugGirl- i hear you on the anxiety attacks, i have them often too. May the Lord comfort you in the times of uncertainty and guide you to a peaceful place.

    You are all on my prayer list. Healing to all of you!

  9. LightningStar
    If I may ask for prayer that going to church for the first time in a long time, goes smoothly this sunday. Pray that I will feel welcomed and that anxiety won't get the best of me. Appreciate it. - Kay
  10. Rossk

    Praying for you, that God had lead you to the right church .
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