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  1. BugGirl793
    Hey everyone!

    The constant battle of the consoles question is here: What is your favorite console or platform for gaming? Are you a next-gen fan with the PS3/4 or the XboxOne? Are you a little more old school with an N64 or a Dreamcast? Or are you a classic gamer and prefer a proper Atari? Maybe you're an upgrade gamer who keeps their gaming PC up to date. Or you're a timeless gamer who prefers card gamers or board games to video games. Let it be known what's your preference, and maybe a bit about why!
  2. theredmarker
    I think my main console is the 3DS, at the moment. I've gotten all of Nintendo's new handheld's over the years, consistently, because I wanted to play all the Pokémon games.

    My brother and I had an N64 growing up...if it was still in working order, I'd love to play it summore.

    I got an XBox360 a couple years ago...had gotten some games as gifts, but no console of my own to play them on, so that's where that came from.

    I'm kinda sad, 'cause I'm really poor, so I don't have many opportunities to buy and play new games. Ah well. I have a few old favourites near and dear to my heart.
  3. Phosphorror
    I think mine is the PC now. You can play just about anything on it, and don't have to worry about buying new systems all the time (instead you just keep buying new laptops which are even more expensive, very cool.) In the past, I grew up in a household with all three systems. I used to really like Nintendo and Genesis systems when I was really little, then I liked the PS2 the most, and then I liked the 360 the most.
  4. Magiere
    I seem to be a old school new school mix. I love the table top board and cardgames. But I am very fond of my Xbox consouls. If I find a game I like from the xbox consouls I will usually purchase it for the computer so I can play with modded files to taylor the game play further. I have never been a fan of the PS setups, even when they first came out. I do love my Xbox one however.
  5. BugGirl793
    My favorite is my PS2, but it's obviously way outdated. I still love it, though. Currently, I play a PS4 most of the time. I like it a lot. Before I got my PS4 (I actually won it, couldn't afford it myself), I was on Xbox 360. I like PC for modding, but I play way better with a controller compared to a keyboard/mouse. Plus, I can't afford great tech, so my PC games are usually laggy or don't run well. As for handhelds, PSP is my favorite. Great graphics capability for being so small~ I play a DS here and there, too.
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