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  1. Hi I'm Bravehearts
  2. Hi I'm Manysouls
  3. Hiya
  4. Hi, I'm Kevin
  5. i bes mes
  6. Hey All! I'm BrokenAngel
  7. Dont like the way we look?
  8. Hellooo Im Wendy
  9. hello from nottingham
  10. I is Hannah
  11. Hi
  12. Hello! I am Jessicakes ^^
  13. Hi... time I did one of these threads
  14. hi im manya
  15. Spammers-Read THIS for FREE advertising!
  16. new here
  17. Hi there
  18. Hi I'm Jess :D
  19. Hi I Mandy
  20. Info on DID
  21. I'm new
  22. Hi From AD!
  23. thanks for welcoming me in chat
  24. Registering on Fort
  25. Welcome 2 The Fort, from Trevor782
  26. hi
  27. How do I?
  28. Lost Passwords
  29. its kamiiiiii :)
  30. Fort Refuge Guests, Welcome! from member Trevor782 aka Da Rockin Monkey
  31. Supporting others in abusive situations
  33. Found Refuge and a little solice. Hello Im NEW!!!
  34. How did you find us?
  35. Questions and Comments from those not yet registered here!!
  36. Hi Everyone
  37. Recently....
  38. Thank you Fort Folks for being a part of my my Journey!
  39. newby
  40. Just want to write down my feelings?
  41. New & anxious to learn how to cope.
  42. I don't know what to do.
  43. Tryntogetby
  44. Question
  45. Questions.
  46. 4:27 AM
  47. Hello everyone !!!
  48. A Soda Can's Cry For Help..
  50. I really need to talk to someone
  51. ok to come to this site?
  52. I need help it will not let me register
  53. Here for a loved one
  54. Self-harming - unwanted urges
  55. i get spit at
  56. Tired..
  57. Survivor
  58. Leah
  59. Hello, I need help
  60. sad and alone
  61. Hello, I need help
  62. I got out, but he still found a way to get to me
  63. Mother of abuse victim
  64. Displacement
  65. Newbie
  66. im new!!!
  67. Just got here
  68. Just Starting Out
  69. Anorexia and eating disorders
  70. New Here
  71. Right Now
  72. .
  73. i'm back
  74. New
  75. im new
  76. ritual abuse survivor
  77. Why Can't I Register if I'm Under 16??
  78. help!
  79. hello
  80. A New Day
  81. Miranda
  82. ptsd
  83. Can't join even though I'm 16 or older?
  84. seeking help
  85. Need some support and advice
  86. OPEN LETTER(s)
  87. hurting
  88. help please :(
  89. help
  90. Feeling alone and scared
  91. Some words used on this website, such as *TW*?
  92. lovingsupporter
  93. finding a support group in orlando
  94. How do we help our friend?
  95. Anyone willing to talk about DID?
  96. I am son of Emotionally Abusive Mother
  97. Trying to understand
  98. Tired of feeling sick but maybe I'm just use to it.
  99. I really need some advice, I am completely lost.
  100. I don't even know who to turn to anymore-Narcissistic Mother
  101. should i be afraid?
  102. hiM
  103. Hi
  104. hi
  105. We Are All Beautiful Inside & Out
  106. Just a friendly Hi from the newbie :)
  107. Shutin looking to meet friends
  108. Hi
  109. I'm extremely nervous and somewhat confused
  110. about my name
  111. New.
  112. I'm being sexually abused by lots of boys in my class
  113. I need advice, please read!
  114. c*ts
  115. DID
  116. DID
  117. Looking for someone who might get it
  118. sometimes i wonder if the cycle will ever end
  119. Eating disorder
  120. new here
  121. Not prepared for what is to come :(
  122. Interested in DID and want to know more :)
  123. I'm worried my friend might be in an abusive relationship
  124. I am new. I want to chat because I need to know if I can have my husband arrested.
  125. I'm new
  126. Worried about 12 year old niece ...how can I help?
  127. I don't know what to do
  128. From victim to S&M
  129. hi. its been a long weekend with DID stuff. anyone else feel the same
  130. Was this coersive or consentual?
  131. My dearest friend
  132. She Needs Help and Doesn't Realize It...
  133. Hello
  134. Best Friend Worries
  135. i need help
  136. 13 year old help me please :'((((( my heart keeps hurting
  137. Angry
  138. Hello
  139. BPD and self harm
  140. Friend won't answer
  141. Active Support Group or Not???
  142. Self-Harm
  143. Wish i could join.
  144. Living with DID...
  145. Trying to register for chat and having difficult time...
  146. i dont know what to do
  147. I was molested at 7
  148. Friend sexually abused.
  149. can i post in here
  150. Friend in Trouble
  151. Saying Hello
  152. can't log in
  153. How much does your significant other know?
  154. Um, first time trying a chat help-line kinda thing...
  155. Looking for advice and direction
  156. Encouraging message from a survivor
  157. Stepping outside the box
  158. Partner suffering emotional abuse from his mother, don't know how to help.
  159. Need info
  160. family
  161. Grieving mother
  162. Help required
  163. My online friend needs help.
  164. Ongoing behaviour of abusive parents
  165. Kat
  166. Hello!
  167. Sister being abused.
  168. Wondering about victims rights.
  169. Needing advice worried about a friend
  170. My Cousin is being abused by a man on probation....
  171. Friend being abused, don't know how to help
  172. how to k*ll my anger
  173. I wish i could join........
  174. I have a question
  175. is it abuse?
  176. My son is hurting his girlfriend
  177. I don't know what to call it
  178. Hi Everyone
  179. Concerned For My Sister
  180. Help trying to save a family member.
  181. seeking advice on how to relate to a person who is DID
  182. Relationship advice - partner has DID
  183. Lasting effects of emotional abuse/social withdrawal
  184. tempted
  185. Why must life suck?
  186. ritual abuse desperate parent
  187. Alcoholic Father/Abused Mother & Family
  188. abusive mother
  189. Letter to a friend suffering abuse
  190. Where to start?
  191. Lasting effects of emotional abuse/social withdrawal (2)
  192. Ok.. I feel like an A******
  193. Just asking
  194. Emotional Child Abuse
  195. Do I or does my question belong here?
  196. Verbally Abusive Mother
  197. Fort very useful for self evaluation
  198. how to help a friend
  199. Concerned about a friend
  200. can someone help me or offer an opinion?
  201. My abuser died at 94 years, I was caretaker most of my life: who am I now?
  202. Here for support
  203. Help me please
  204. worried about sister
  205. Cover it up.
  206. New here
  207. TW Graphic Was it really abuse if I feel that I knew better?
  208. Advice
  209. I want to help someone who is unaware of her boyfriend
  210. Counseling/therapist issues and discussions
  211. My Friend Is About to Do Something Terrible, Soon (Possible TW)
  212. New here
  213. Discussion - forgiveness and forgiving
  214. Why I'm still here I believe, is because of comic books.
  215. Worried
  216. A few questions about my girlfriends new Alter?
  217. HELPfeel like i am about ready to kill myself
  218. binge eating disorder. how can i stop it?
  219. I believe my boyfriend is a victim of covert incest. How do I support him?
  220. re my son and his wife
  221. Have an abouse male friend how can i help him
  222. Looking for someone to interview
  223. Trying to find a friend who disappeared.
  224. abused and now seperated
  225. Was I sexually assaulted?
  226. Narsistic Mother
  227. What should I do?
  228. My Girlfriend is having nightmares from a past relationship
  229. My mom's hobbie ia to make me cry and suffer
  230. did
  231. Im Leele In Need Of A support group
  232. Eating disorder help!
  233. Please help me :(
  234. My Sister Is At Risk
  235. Scared and alone
  236. What to do?
  237. wife lied on police report
  238. Today I divorced my Mum
  239. Friend of DID needs help
  240. I need HELP and a support group...I married an abuser...how can I talk about this?
  241. 18+ (Adult content) Pain and aftermath of adult to adult rape -
  242. Girlfriends narcissistic mother. help?
  243. Terrible problems, no visible solution
  244. Can't get in
  245. My guardians are in an abusive relationship, what do I do?
  246. Cut
  247. mental and physical abuse freak out mom and enraged brother
  248. can you answer this?
  249. Worried for my daughter
  250. Concerned for a friend