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  1. Helping my friend extract himself
  2. Is this abuse
  3. I am so lost and don't know what to do...
  4. Recent trigger
  5. Dont know what to think
  6. Can We Talk About Elections?
  7. Emotional abuse
  8. Hi, I'm new. What have I done?
  9. Past abuse affecting current relationships
  10. #maybe he doesn't hit you
  11. I shouldn't be on here, but I need to know if it's true.
  12. When friends don't know how to be...
  13. Was I abused by my mother and family? Lack of privacy in childhood.
  14. I am so confused....need help
  15. Violence (explicit description) In a sticky unsure situation
  16. how to stop this fear
  17. I had to run
  18. Childhood Sexual Abuse. Where do I go from here?
  19. cant see my self
  20. Not exactly sure where I belong
  21. Not sure where to Post
  22. Am I Really Being Emotionally Abused?
  23. Our Family (A Poem)
  24. Why do I miss him?
  25. How do I cope with screaming VA
  26. abusive ex
  27. Current relationship issues
  28. SUI (description of suicide methods/attempts) Drowning
  29. 18+ (Adult content) I feel so ashamed and guilty
  30. Trying to deal with *** aint easy at ALL
  31. Violence (explicit description) Dealing with abduction/serial rape survivor... how to heal her and me...?
  32. My abuser's supporters
  33. after abuse?
  34. Not sure how to feel about emotional abuse/confused about family rumors
  35. I don't know what to do
  36. Feeling frustrated and insignificant
  37. Financial Abuse????
  38. Hard time dealing with memories
  39. Feel unjustified
  40. Assaulted- and don't know if I should report or just move on with my life??
  41. SI (description of self-injury) Need someone to talk to about my self harm
  42. Is this emotional abuse?I think i'm having a breakdown.Please help me
  43. Children in an "abusive" relationship?
  44. I need advice and help.
  45. Advice child sexual abuse
  46. Is anybody out there?
  47. Forgiven my husband, now what?
  48. Violence (explicit description) few years later
  49. My mother hits me
  50. Feeling Hopeless and Empty
  51. Stuck
  52. Don't know what to do
  53. Thoughts about this Incident
  54. Ptsd
  55. My Story
  56. Violence (explicit description) Broken Neck
  57. Violence (explicit description) Spouse attacks you then calls the police to say you abused him
  58. Violence (explicit description) 10 years later
  59. Dealing
  60. New To This Site and This DID/MPD Disorder
  61. I feel so alone
  62. What happened
  63. Classifying as a means to move on
  64. My abuse story
  65. After effects of abuse
  66. A survivor seeking input from fellow survivors for a school research project
  67. I don't know what to do
  68. Confusing abuse
  69. Less of a man?
  70. Contact from Abuser
  71. No support. Desperate
  72. Why cant i let go of my abusive husband??? I just cant do it and im miserable
  73. Financial Abuse
  74. hi
  75. I'm not sure if my mum is abusive or not, or what I should do about it
  76. I'm not sure if my boyfriend's being abused
  77. Thoughts about this Argument
  78. Unhealthily Dealing with Trauma
  79. My Wife Hits Me
  80. Abuse is not love
  81. Abuse survivor
  82. Can someone give me advice on domestic violence transitional
  83. desperate need of help thank you
  84. Loving your Abuser
  85. SUI (description of suicide methods/attempts) Suicidal thoughts
  86. Young domestic violence
  87. Abusers Getting Help
  88. Discovered recently - how to move on?