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  1. Shaken
  2. New here..
  3. need help
  4. helping
  5. Survivor with Long Term Effects
  6. what helped you?
  7. reporting Incidents
  8. Moved Back in with Relatives, Moved Back into the Cycle
  9. 7 yr old niece- need advise
  10. I'm being abused and I do t know what to do
  11. Help with emotional abuse:(
  12. Second time I'm being abused
  13. How do I know what emotional abuse is?
  14. Is this emotional abuse? Someone help.
  15. I'm concerned for somebody
  16. What do i do?
  17. Doesn't make it right...
  18. Im not sure if my friend is being domestically abused
  19. I dont know if a rape happened.
  20. my daughter and 20yrs of emotional abuse
  21. New here, can relate to controling family.
  22. My mother
  23. MPD (DID) and gender identification
  24. Need help with my girlfriend
  25. Question for you all
  26. Seeking help, with some verbal and emotional abuse.
  27. If you're looking for advice
  28. Obsessive thoughts
  29. This is SO difficult for me
  30. Confused
  31. X boyfriend abusing new girl!
  32. Help
  33. 10 months of being clean
  34. life after abuse
  35. Fled Domestic Abuse.
  36. looking for a safe site
  37. lost
  38. That Little Girl
  39. Repressed Memory?
  40. My colleague scares me, what to do?
  41. Number of active users here?
  42. Violence (explicit description) A friend of a friend involved in Domestic Abuse
  43. Abusive mom
  44. I feel so alone
  45. DID treatment options and thoughts
  46. Violence (explicit description) Video I found
  47. Violence (explicit description) Domestic Violence and Pets
  48. what now?
  49. Am i in the wrong i feel so stuck right now and dont know what to do.
  50. Help! My husband dropped a bombshell!
  51. 18+ (Adult content) I was raped by my brother now my sister
  52. Violence (explicit description) child abuse victim
  53. Help
  54. Violence (explicit description) Emotional abuse
  55. i need someone to talk to
  56. Want someone to talk to?
  57. I'm new here
  58. Advice for my friend
  59. Dating a Domestic Violence Survior and Need Advice
  60. Help - I believe I'm multiple
  61. Registration query
  62. DID and Motivation
  63. Is this statement true?
  64. Confused
  65. Confused and waiting helpful advice
  66. Emotional abuse- my story & questions
  67. Other graphic content keep wanting to tell
  68. She's so close, but always goes back....
  69. Mugging refreshing past abuse
  70. Too much
  71. Feeling low
  72. mandated reporting - when to tell my patient?
  73. Plead the 5th
  74. how i was raped
  75. Don't Ever Say it Can't Get Worse.......
  76. Violence (explicit description) I'm brand new - he tried to kill me
  77. 18+ (Adult content) Thanksgiving
  78. 18+ (Adult content) struggling 9 months later...
  79. End of the road
  80. Scars.
  81. 18+ (Adult content) How to deal with being abused as a child? Never told anyone it happened
  82. Abusive mother in law - husband blames me and my daughter
  83. Emotional abuse and some physical
  84. I left...
  85. hello all
  86. Ways of dealing with emotional times.
  87. Falling in love with a woman trying to escape abusive marriage
  88. Anxiety problems
  89. I am who I am but who am I
  90. I felt trapped and i left with nothing and am afraid of losing my daughter!!!
  91. Hello new here
  92. Special Moments
  93. Trouble connecting with Mother
  94. The Cycle
  95. Suggestions for dealing with the past?
  96. Catching up with me
  97. Frankab76
  98. 18+ (Adult content) Sometimes it's just like a bad dream..
  99. Weird body stuff, questions and coping
  100. diane
  101. old/new again here
  102. newbie
  103. I'm New Here and a Bit Unsure....
  104. attention researchers
  105. Um?
  106. I recently left my husband
  107. confused
  108. I'm new here need help
  109. friend in danger
  110. hello
  111. Joyce Meyer changed my life for the better
  112. Advice about a Situation My Abusive Father has Put My Son and Us in
  113. Years after Integration for PTSD/Depression etc
  114. Looking for Advice on emotinal abuse and depression
  115. Newcomer and no sleep so far!
  116. poem - hope this helps in some small way for those who need it
  117. 18+ (Adult content) Research on the effects of domestic violence on children- Questionnaire
  118. Friend may be possible victim of social worker abuse
  119. Struggling with PTSD and Anger Management Issues After One Year
  120. Please help
  121. hello, im new to site,
  122. HI new to site and big step coming up!!!
  123. feeling horrible
  124. Anger management
  125. the world is waking up and there is hope?
  126. New to DID & Speaking "publicly" about it.
  127. I need help, please give me advice.
  128. Raped by a friend
  129. have court Tomorrow, scared
  130. I dont like celebrating Mothers Day
  131. Hello, I'm New
  132. Advice needed !!
  133. First post
  134. 18+ (Adult content) New Here And Looking to Continue Recovery
  135. Totally struggling with multiple victimization
  136. 18+ (Adult content) lost
  137. Supporting a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  138. My wife was a victim of child abuse
  139. Parent
  140. Violence (explicit description) The trials of leaving my abusive husband
  141. Scared...
  142. hello
  143. hi everyone
  144. My parents' abuse is getting worse.
  145. Why can't I join if I'm not an abuse survivor?
  146. Hi
  147. Friend's abuser won child custody
  148. Every time I fall asleep, I replay that moment....
  149. Hi
  150. You are not user-friendly
  151. My Friend Needs Help
  152. The realizeation of finding out you are in an abusive relationship.
  153. My mother is being abused
  154. Just Struggling Today
  155. feeling worn down and tired
  156. Not sure what's going to be revealed
  157. i dont know what to do
  158. Does the pain of having an unavailable mother ever go away?
  159. ***'s Husband
  160. Trouble Registering
  161. Going through hell
  162. My dysfunctional family
  163. Let the Healing begins...
  164. My mom
  165. New to all of this
  166. To afraid of rejection to share face to face
  167. Color Programming
  168. Hello!
  169. Rape SURVIOR
  170. My New Life
  171. Need to learn more about the past of a man with convictions for revenge porn and viol
  172. I'M Not sure why i blame myself
  173. 18+ (Adult content) Rape (victim still)
  174. I'm new here
  175. One year
  176. Seeking My Self
  177. Looking for Support
  178. I pushed him out of my face and he retaliated bad..is this abuse?
  179. SI (description of self-injury) My Self Harm
  180. The first time
  181. Does it count as sexual abuse if it never progressed that far?
  182. jus wann says hi case ims no been heer fru long time
  183. Going back to an abusive partner
  184. Need a hand to hold for a while.
  185. Thankful I found you
  186. It's so damn hard.
  187. Is it abuse, manipulation, maybe both?
  188. Has anyone ever confronted their perpetrator?
  189. 18+ (Adult content) Has anyone ever been raped and had the feeling that they weren't the first victim?
  190. The verbal, emotional, financial and physical Abuse and guilt of my mother
  191. Hello, new, looking for support
  192. Living with Alters
  193. Feeling guilty
  194. Childhood abuse into Adulthood effecting relationships
  195. I was emotionally abused and manipulated please help....
  196. New Here
  197. emotional abuse
  198. New here not sure where to start
  199. New To This Community....Suffering with PTSD, DID,EPILEPSY,BPD, ANXIETY,PSYCHOSIS...
  200. Why was I banned?
  201. Was I manipulated/abused?
  202. I'm New
  203. Looking for help with recovery and acceptance
  204. Poem..."Ring around the Rosey"
  205. I dont really know what to do here
  206. I have been abused for years and the police refuse to believe me.
  207. Where to begin
  208. Not sure how move forward from here.
  209. Feeling trapped again after my "fresh start"
  210. csa / trauma survivor, think i might be in a system ( mental health and abuse tw )
  211. Hoping someone understands
  212. Domestic Violence
  213. years later, and i feel like everything's rewinding.
  214. When does it stop?
  215. HELP Suggestions
  216. Seeking support
  217. Hi! I'm new here!
  218. New here
  219. Violence (explicit description) I left today
  220. Abusive or not abusive
  221. Illinois C/O Abuser
  222. Looking for someone who gets it.
  223. Feeling like i'm stuck in a circle
  224. How abuse has affected me
  225. New here and kind of need to talk
  226. Post Verbal Abuse
  227. What I learned
  228. sexually Abused by big tall sister
  229. Violence (explicit description) Is it all punishment?
  230. Hi
  231. lost
  232. Am I crazy, or have I been abused?
  233. Planning My Exit AGAin
  234. I'm still with my abuser after five years can he really change
  235. New Here but Not Sure Where Here Is.
  236. Alienated
  237. 12 months on it still haunts me
  238. Emotional abuse..?
  239. New
  240. I don't know if this is abuse
  241. Is This Abuse?
  242. My story
  243. My Story to Connect w/Fellow Survivors
  244. Is this abuse
  245. I am so lost and don't know what to do...
  246. Recent trigger
  247. Dont know what to think
  248. Can We Talk About Elections?
  249. Emotional abuse
  250. Hi, I'm new. What have I done?