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  • Jane's Avatar
    Today, 03:46 PM
    Hi Purple first of all welcome to Fort :ws I hope coming here helps you as you negotiate your way through this latest upsetting thing in your life. Can only speculate why your ex has decided to go excommunication to you and your joint son. I have heard of this happening before some one disappearing - trying to draw a line under their past...make a new start...or maybe hiding from something rather than facing up to it...avoiding paying child support. I hope he has no sinister intent toward you...but understand why this change in his behaviour is making you feel unsettled and anxious. You do not mention whether your son has, up to this point, had regular contact with his father...details of your custody arrangements - if you need to seek his permission before making major decisions in your son's life - think in your shoes I would be running this situation passed my legal advisor just to check if it alters things - if there are any additional steps you can take to protect you and your sons interests if I his current actions are a forerunner to him abandoning his son. My thoughts for what they are worth - I hope they help. :rs:rs
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  • Purple062418's Avatar
    Today, 01:18 PM
    My husband was arrested a month ago. He has not made any attempt to see or support our boy. His true colors are showing , but I'm still shocked. I think he's still trying to punish and abuse me by hurting me financially and hurting our son. I am so scared of what he will try to do next. He has also stopped communicating in any way and changed his numbers. Its like he's disappeared. I'm thinking this is better for me, but I'm finding not knowing where he is or what he has planned to hurt me with next scary.
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