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  • Reblisa's Avatar
    Today, 09:10 AM
    Sounds like you need to protect yourself and your child(ren). Emotional blackmail I usually give very short shrift to as i see it as yet another form of aggression ie trying to force me to do something I donít want to or is not in my best interest by emotional manipulation. Hope you find the strength to stand your ground and let your lawyers fight your legal case for you on legal argument not other grounds. If he wants to make his life easier for himself and everyone he will cooperate, if he doesnít thatís his responsibility not yours. Sending supportive vibes :flwr1
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  • tsukinobun's Avatar
    Today, 12:28 AM
    first of all i don't think it's silly, so don't worry. second of all i think you have every right to act in your own best interest. you know the score and you know what's best for you.
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  • Jane's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:57 PM
    Welcome BarelybreathingÖ. All I can say is glad you are finding the strength to stick to your guns - not get derailed by the nonsense that is being thrown your way. Come to a place where you can concentrate on yourself - what you need, your feeling as you find your way forward and escape from all the argy bargy you describe. For you :rs
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  • Barelybreathing's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:23 PM
    I feel this is a silly thing on my behalf ive escaped my domestic abuser. But all the time due to an aunt of mine who took his side i hear and get alot of stick from people as she lives in my street its hard to get away from yet she lies through her teeth tellin the family she doesnt talk to him etc. But the thing im most annoyed about through lawyers my ex hasnt accepted supervised contact and my aunt has obv recently spoke to him as im getting the whole his mum is now dying of cancer and she was as much evil as her son may i add. I feel this is a heart string puller and hes hoping i pull out of lawyers so he can continue his capaign of control on me which took me over a year to get away from.. Does this make me heartless that i actually dont really care and wont change my mind?
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  • princess64's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:04 PM
    I'm a survivor too. You're not alone here. Take care princess64
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