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  • Jane's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:21 AM
    Sometimes it is not so much how something is labelled imo - is more to do with how it makes me feel. I lived with demeaning insults for years (made me feel miserable) - my partner also threw things - broke stuff - sure he did this to vent his rage - scared the daylights out of me. I stayed (hoped he would change...promised on occasions he would (long enough to hook me back in) always went back on his word. He never told me that he only saw me as a sex object - think that disrespectful insult...would have got through to me showed how toxic my relationship was (when not much else did). Long story short eventually I did face the my partner was, was likely how he was going to stay. Decided I had two options to stay and put up with it...or decide that I wanted better and walk away. Was not easy but in the end I did the latter... Can't tell you what to do - not my place...must be your decision - but hope what I have shared helps you nto find your way forward. Don't know if you have looked at the resources listed under the 'help' tab in out header...looked at the help out there for woman in your position who decide to leave. For you :rs:rs
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  • Unregistered's Avatar
    06-23-2018, 10:55 PM
    Unregistered started a thread Am I being emotionally abused? in Public Forum
    My boyfriend and I have been together for eight years on and off. He has always had terrible anger problems. The minute I bring up something that he has done that bothers me, no matter how small the issue, he sees red and turns into what looks to me like a monster. He has never physically hurt me but today he got so mad that he threw a cereal bowl and it almost hit my head. When I gasped out of fear and began to cry he immediately got up and packed a bag and said that he would rather live on the street then live one more day with me and never apologized. Now he is texting me about how sorry he is and it is probably so I will let him back in the house. He has said and done horrible things to me over the years and I have always felt like I am being abused because it never got physical I never really categorized it that way. I once found out that he told a female coworker of his that he is only using me for sex. When we fight he gets very close to my face and tells me i make him hate his life and that i disgust him. Am I being emotionally/verbally abused?
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  • Sunfl0wer's Avatar
    06-23-2018, 06:37 PM
    From the main Forum page... Look in the right hand column. You may need to scroll a bit as it is not first item there. (Our members are dealing with aftermath stuff usually, vs immediate crisis needs. We care... just is not first item on the list...) has a phone icon on it. Click that. You choose the topic of crisis then the flag that matches your area.) I personally cannot speak for help in your area. Personally am struggling with a family member and trying to get “professional” folks to help her make a safety plan... it is complicated. I feel and am unqualified to assist her with this, ...and I am. Real 3D support seems to be a dynamic thing. Sometimes consists of a network, so to speak, and a plan, or can happen in various shapes and forms... It is something I do not understand for any particular person. Best I can tell anyone, including my loved ones... Check the safety checklists, or ask for them. There is lots of info on exiting situations online, however, one must also be careful on browser history, etc... So any advice is potentially risky. Way better to get hotline and 3D help as anything I could possibly say from this vantage point could not necessarily be helpful. Hope that makes sense. Hopefully I am not being confusing. As much as I would like to help... I just can’t offer anything even if I knew it since everyones circumstances are unique to a degree. Personally speaking... For me it took a whole lot to simply have the resolve to leave. I returned even after going to hospital. Even after police arrived...I returned... Even after getting housed in a domestic violence shelter. Wasn’t until I realized I was pregnant and had no right to subject my unborn childs development to the impact of my enviornment...did I finally find resolve to leave. I really wish my own “rock bottom” limit for behavior upon me... was higher. Just wasnt the case. Took a lot for me to get “fed up.” I was raised to tolerate lots of junk... So leaving just... Didnt seem necessary. I wish it had been different. :bf
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  • out here's Avatar
    06-23-2018, 05:55 PM
    wheres good place for support? older no kids, family is older and further away. burning out on trying to find my solution to leaving DV. i seem to freeze or give up on finding my path out. local gelp isnt a help. this rural area seems full of misogynists. seems best not to add to his drama but at what cost? please older women viewpoints. where to go from here.
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