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  • Jane's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:45 AM
    Jane replied to a thread Male survivors? in Public Forum
    Hi unregistered - good you are taking your time to decide whether or not to join us. No pressure but thought I would share a little more information. :bee As you may have worked out we are a diverse community - we like it way cuz despite some of the misinformation out their abuse is not limited to one group with within society, women, men, LGBT all can be and are targets of this not ok attention...just as perpetrators come in all genders. We currently have more females registered as members (fact is it is often harder for a variety of reasons for men to reach out for support - greater likelihood they will not be believed, they feel as men (stronger sex!!!) they should be able to cope protect themselves and more- we do not in any way support these unhelpful myths and feel men have as much need and right to seek support (including being welcomed to join peer to peer support groups like Fort). You mention you are not necessarily a talker...some of our other members are not either - Basically we provide a platform for survivors to use to get support as they work on their individual healing journeys. Some of our members find it helps them to visit pretty regularly. Others only come for a time or two or slip in when they feel the need. Some members find it helpful to come here to access our articles and other resources - others like to start and join in conversations on issues that they are facing as they work on their healing. Bottom line is - it is fine to be yourself use Fort in a way that works for you...only boundary is that you read and operate within out guidelines (link in the header). Reading your comment about exercise being a sanity saver for you I smiled and thought 'yes indeed' idk about you, but I find it hard to sweat stuff when I am pounding the pavement - think there is research supporting the link between exercise and mental health :lol if there isn't reckon there should be.:clol Hope my extra 2 cents worth is helpful :pg
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  • Unregistered's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:44 AM
    Unregistered replied to a thread Male survivors? in Public Forum
    Tasha & Jane, Thank you for the welcome & for the information. I really appreciate it! Although I had read through the “About” tab, I wasn’t sure if many males were among your community. And thank you for directing me to the “Library” section as well. I am particularly interested in exploring the section regarding physical fitness! That has been the best therapy I have ever explored & it has profoundly changed my life for the better! So, yeah, after looking for an online resource after having left my home state & now that I am not visiting therapists of any type at the moment, I think I am interested in registering here. The comment on my initial attempt to post my question but failing because it was too short, I hope wasn’t offensive in any way. Apologies if so. I think I was probably not paying enough attention to any instructions or guidelines (?). It makes sense to me by those examples as to why a post shouldn’t be so short, so thank you for explaining & I apologize for not being more aware. One final thing before I consider a pseudonym for registering, that is I love the quotes at the closing of both replies! Picard is awesome! So, “Peace, & long life.” The other quote...what I wouldn’t have given to have had someone close to me who could have said those words, so long ago. Either way, I will remember them. Okay, I apologize if there is a word limit!! There are times when I don’t talk so much, believe it or not, & some times like now when I just can’t seem to stop. Okay, thanks again:-)
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