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Please exercise self-care if necessary, content is abuse-related and naturally might be upsetting.

Latest Additions:

Ride the Tiger: A Guide Through the Bipolar Brain
The Shame of the Catholic Church
Kids Behind Bars
Love You To Death
Four Corners: Forced Marriages
False Accusation
Inside The World Of Human Sex Trafficking
India's Daughter
My Life In A Cult
Boys For Sale
The Most Hated Family in America
America's Medicated Kids

Child abuse (13)
Documentaries on abuse perpetrated on children: sexual, physical, emotional, or neglect.
Child of Rage
Out of Darkness, Into Light
Just, Melvin: Just Evil
Genie, Secret of the Wild Child
Cyntoia Brown: 16yo killer
Born Into Brothels
The Cleveland Captives
Natascha Kampusch Kidnapping
Jaycee Dugard Kidnapping
Boys For Sale
Men Surviving Sexual Abuse
CSA in the Cayman Islands
Selling The Girl Next Door
Domestic Abuse (10)
Documentaries about domestic violence, emotional abuse, and elderly abuse.
Love You To Death
Living in Fear
Men Don't Tell
Abused In Silence
Faces of Fear
What Price - Bride Price?
Le Grand Domestic
Scope of Practice
Four Corners: Forced Marriages
Elder Abuse Lecture
Rape (10)
Documentaries about rape, sexual assault, human trafficking, and kidnapping.
BBC: India's Daughter
I Never Said Yes
Prison Rape
The Unspeakable Crime Rape
Human Trafficking
Elisabeth Fritzl Kidnapping
Children Born of Rape & Incest
False Accusation
Sexual Assaults on US Campuses
Rape Investigation (UK)
Religious Abuse (12)
Documentaries about religious and institutional abuse.
Westboro Baptist Church
Charles Manson
Children of God
Exclusive Brethren
Sex in a Cold Climate
Suffer the little children (JW)
The Shame of the Catholic Church
Child Abuse in UK Care Homes
Kids Behind Bars
Elder Abuse
Mental Health (11)
Documentaries on various mental health issues that abuse survivors sometimes struggle with: PTSD, depression, social anxiety, DID, BPD, bipolar, etc
Childhood Trauma Healing
A Guide To Post Traumatic Growth
Social Anxiety
BPD: Back From the Edge
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Ride the Tiger: A Guide Through the Bipolar Brain
Agoraphobia I
Agoraphobia II
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Self Inflictions (7)
Documentaries on suicide, self-injury, addictions, and eating disorders.
Boy Interrupted
Life After Suicide
I'm a Child Anorexic
The City Addicted to Meth
Alcoholism: Rain in my heart
Anorexia Nervosa, BBC
Meth - National Geographic
Therapy (9)
Documentaries on psychotherapy and professional help.
Art Therapy
Music Therapy
Bellevue Inside Out
Children Of Darkness
The Place for Paedophiles
America's Medicated Kids
What is psychotherapy anyway?
Critique of psychotherapy
Open Dialogue: Psychosis

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