Frequently Asked Questions

Public Areas

help_outlineForum (6)
Public forum is open to everyone including supporters, abusers, and professionals; no registration required, but all posts are visible to the public.
Can I post more than once, or respond to others?
Can I use Public Forum if I have an account at Fort?
Can I talk about someone I know?
My friend/relative posted something about me!
I didn't get enough responses
Why is my post gone?
help_outlineLibrary (8)
Adding content, correcting typos, permissions to print pages for personal use, etc.
Can I print out a page I like?
Can I publish Fort content on another site?
I want to publish something I wrote
I want to volunteer tech work
I want to suggest an article/video/book/etc
I see a typo or a broken link.
I disagree with something I've read here
I can't find what I was looking for
help_outlineQuizzes (4)
Privacy concerns, feedback, suggestions, permissions, scoring sheets
Are my results recorded?
I disagree with the results I got
I want to suggest a cool quiz I found or wrote
Where can I find the scoring sheets?
help_outlineContact Us (6)
How to reach us - and other ways to find the answers you're looking for.
I'm in crisis or need help escaping abuse
I need tech support
I need to talk to the site administrators
I forgot my password
I don't want to receive emails from Fort
I sent you a message but haven't heard back
help_outlineProfessionals (8)
Links, embeds, research studies, petitions, media, etc.
Embeds for your site
Getting us to link to your site/blog/book/video/etc
Publishing your content
Media inquiries
Research studies
Petitions and fundraisers
Paid advertisements, grants, donations

Members' Areas

help_outlineMy Account (10)
Registration, emails, lost passwords, keys, castles, etc
How do I register an account?
I forgot my password
How do I change my password, email, timezone, or username?
Why do I keep getting logged out?
Email notifications
Can my littles have keys?
Post count, user titles, castles, reputation
Signatures and avatars
How do I delete my account?
help_outlineForum (13)
Where to post, how to embed videos, smiley shortcuts, etc
How do I use forums?
Where should I post?
Locked forum folders
Text formatting
Editing, deleting, and moving posts
Alert Mods button
Thanks button
Sticky threads
help_outlineChat (9)
How to get there, system requirements, weekly chats, etc.
How do I get into chat?
How do I chat?
Can I chat on my phone/tablet/laptop/kindle/etc?
What if nobody is in chat?
What is P2P?
Locked rooms
What's a hosted chat?
How do I join a hosted chat?
What is the netiquette?
help_outlineInbox, Profile, Friends, Social Groups (7)
Communication between Fort members happens mostly through forums and chat, but we offer a few ways to contact your Fort friends personally.
My Profile
My Inbox
Friends list
Social groups
Members' List
Who's Online
help_outlineFinding your way around (8)
Navigation, customizations, helpful tips if you're lost or overwhelmed.
I'm lost
I'm overwhelmed
I can't find what I posted
I can't find something I saw on forums
What do all the abbreviations mean?
How do I find new posts?
Text is too small
I don't like the colors

Safety & Conflicts

help_outlineSafety (8)
What if my abuser finds me here, what's Fort's privacy policy, etc
What if my abuser finds me here?
I was bullied on another site
Someone copied my Fort post to another site
Ban my stalker
Delete my account and all of my posts
I heard rumors about Fort
What's Fort's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?
How is Fort funded?
help_outlineConflicts (10)
How to flag inappropriate posts, how to put people on ignore, why do people get banned, etc.
What are the rules here?
Who is running this site?
How do I find a moderator?
I'm upset by a post, a PM, a visitor message, or something in chat
I can't stand someone on Fort
I can't stand a mod
My post is gone
I was moderated
I was banned
Why was my friend banned?
help_outlineCan I join if... (10)
Fort membership is offered to anyone over 16 who believes they were abused and is able and willing to follow our guidelines.
I'm under 16, over 60, etc.
I'm borderline, bipolar, narcissist, sociopath, aspie, etc.
I have/don't have/don't know if I have DID
I'm Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Satanist, etc.
I'm feminist, mens' rights activist, democrat, liberal, republican, neonazi, etc.
I'm gay, bisexual, straight, celibate, transsexual, asexual, etc
I'm not sure if I was abused badly enough
I'm currently involved in an abusive relationship
I'm targeted by CIA, aliens, supernatural forces, etc.
I'm just looking to chat
help_outlineWhy don't you offer... (10)
Fort is a platform to talk about our personal experiences with abuse and its aftermath. Below are other things we're often asked for but don't offer.
Crisis chatline
Support for suicide crises
Relationship advice
Financial assistance
Advertising space
Research platform
Advocacy platform
Membership for victims
Membership for supporters
Membership for counselors