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Colors, programming and DID.

by an anonymous survivor

Different groups will use color programming in diffferent ways. There are certain generalities , true to all, but as programming methods became more sophisticated, with different trainers in different regions trying new ideas, there will be individually variance.

Color programming was originally developed for a simple reason: cult trainers like other individuals, are basically lazy. At they learned to create largers systems and subsystems in people with progression, of training techniques they needed a way to quickly organize and access a person's system. Colors were developed, in the late 1950's. It was developed, because even the youngest child, normally, can recognize colors, and they wanted the organization to begin early, during preschool years, when system templates or core splits were being formed. A three year-old can recognize colors before they can read. This is an example of how color programming is done: A child is taken into a training room. The room it self maybe be netural: white or beige, or it may be painted for the color being used. If the room is neutral in color, the trainer will use colored lights to create the impression of the color being used, they will use the lights even in the colored room.

Here we will use blue for an example: Everything is blue, trainers dressed in blue and may even wear blue make-up, The child is dressed in blue, or is naked, and will later earn the "right" to be blue and wear blue clothing.

During the session/training, the alter or system template is called up, and told to be up during the session. They are told that they are "blue", that this is a very important, special color, and that they are the people in the system are "Blue."

Under a drug induced trance or hypnosis, this is reinforced. The child may be shown a picture of a blue circle or triangle on a projector, or with a helmet on (virtual reality type). The child maybe be shocked first, then told that they are blue, and that blue "doesn't get hurt". If the are blue they won't experience pain, ect.

The child quickly decides that being "blue" is a good idea, and the alter is "imprinted" blue. The child is asked to close their eye, and imagine blue, that they are blue, and that all parts of their system are blue.

This goes on and on, and is reinforced over several sessions. This is a basic, simplistic method of how color imprinting can be done.

Later, groups of children may be brought together, wearing different colors, and role playing is done, showing the different roles. Once the initial imprinting is done, alters are taught specialized roles for their color. This is done so they can be easily accessed that part of the child's (and later adult's) systems. All they need to do is call up the colors, then talk to the parts in that system that they need to.

It's a simple way to organize a person's groups within. It also strengthens identification with other programming. It can also help with reaccessing the person's system. They are taught if the trainer wears a certain color this system comes forward. If the group/cult wants to recontact a person, they may send someone wearing a certain color, or accidently "bump into the person".

Red: is often linked to alpha programming; these are often they most easily accessed alters in a person's system, including lots of eager to please littles. Also, sexual programming/prostitution may be places here. Historically, the cult has linked the color with sexual abuse and sexual ceremonies."

Black: Represents negative/cult spiritually; highly programmed alters who participate in cult rituals are often black; internal witches/warlocks.

Purple: Sometimes higher cult alters inside. May represent high priest, priestess; high family alters."

Blue: protective; may be linked to beta in some people. These are they agressive protectors in a system, the tough guys that know how to fight. Military programming may also go here, in some individuals.

Orange: protective/defensive against outside or internal access. MKultra:, delta, and other intense programming sequences may be this color.

Yellow:often represents spirituality/positive messages. The cult realizes that to much theta/black can destroy, and in order not to lose their members to sucide, will put in lifesaving or positive messages, and allow some positive spiritually."

Green: cult loyal. Green is traditional color for "family", and intensely loyal alters may see themselves as this color. Cult loyal protectors, trained to protect another higher cult member, may also be this color. Recontact alters mayb also be in this group.

Brown: this can represent hidden, incognito alters, who can appear to be different colors. Epsilon and CIA programming may be this color; hidden operativs and "spies."

Silver: controlling alters: high internal councils may wear this color."

White: can represent goodness, wholeness; but may also represent highest spiritual alters inside."

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