Fort Refuge - Abuse Survivors Support Group
Gotta tell ya I thought this place would boot me out if I got a little real with what's in my head but they don't - this is a real place where you can totally be yourself and that to me is sweet! ~DT16

Welcome to Fort!

Everyone here, from the founding administrators to the newest members, is on a journey of healing from abuse we suffered: child abuse, incest, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, ritual abuse, or psychological and verbal abuse. We feel that all types of abuse are damaging, and we do not minimize any person's experiences. It is our goal to reach out to as many fellow survivors as we can with compassion, understanding, and encouragement. This healing journey we all are on can feel overwhelming and isolating at times. We offer peer support and resources to help you tackle some of the difficult issues faced by abuse survivors, as well as the opportunity to give support to others.

The inner strength of people who, like you, have survived a traumatic or abusive encounter is truly amazing, and we hope that you will find your place among us and feel a sense of belonging here. Many of us battle PTSD. Many are DID/MPD. Many strruggle with Self Injury, Eating Disorders and Addictions. We are each at different places on this journey, but there is comfort in knowing that we are not alone. As we share our stories, thoughts and feelings, confusions and discoveries, philosophical ponderings and raw rants, poems and artwork, light-hearted jokes and craft projects, in essence - our strength, our journey is enhanced by what we learn from each other. Fort Refuge is all of us, as a whole, including you. Welcome!

Joining Fort:

Chatrooms and forums are open to members only, for obvious privacy reasons. If you're over 16 and have been (or still are) abused - registration is easy, free, and only takes a minute. Do check out our Guidelines and About Us page first though, to get a basic idea of what Fort is like, our beliefs and values. If you're under 16, a secondary survivor (aka supporter - a friend, family member, or a significant other of someone who was abused), or simply aren't sure yet if Fort is a good match for you - take advantage of our Guests Forum, it's open to everyone. Hope to see you around :)

Please note that Fort Refuge is a peer support group and does not substitute for therapy, psychiatric treatment, or legal advice. If you need professional help, please call a hotline, 911, or your local emergency services, - they can refer you to a qualified professional in your area.


It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see. ~ Winston Churchill

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