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Everyone here, from the founding administrators to the newest members, is on a journey of healing from abuse we suffered: child abuse, incest, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, ritual abuse, or psychological and verbal abuse. We feel that all types of abuse are damaging, and we do not minimize any person's experiences. It is our goal to reach out to as many fellow survivors as we can with compassion, understanding, and encouragement. This healing journey we all are on can feel overwhelming and isolating at times. We offer peer support and resources to help you tackle some of the difficult issues faced by abuse survivors, as well as the opportunity to give support to others.

The inner strength of people who, like you, have survived a traumatic or abusive encounter is truly amazing, and we hope that you will find your place among us and feel a sense of belonging here. Many of us battle PTSD. Many are DID/MPD. Many struggle with Self Injury, Eating Disorders and Addictions. We are each at different places on this journey, but there is comfort in knowing that we are not alone. As we share our stories, thoughts and feelings, confusions and discoveries, philosophical ponderings and raw rants, poems and artwork, light-hearted jokes and craft projects, in essence - our strength, our journey is enhanced by what we learn from each other. Fort Refuge is all of us, as a whole, including you. Welcome!

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Reporting Rape or Sexual Assault

Rape is a very traumatic experience. Once it's over, what you want is emotional support, comfort, validation, empathy, someone on your side. You can have it by reaching out to friends, family, hotline volunteers, therapy providers, or other rape survivors. Being a witness in a criminal investigation, on the other hand, has nothing to do with meeting this need, and expecting comfort or blind trust from the law enforcement is likely to make the process even more painful than it needs to be. The officers who handle rape cases are trained to not say outrageously insensitive things to you, but their goal is to collect evidence, build the case, and ensu... (keep reading)
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11-26-2016 - Surviving The Holidays - Dropping the "should"s and finding what works personally for you can turn the holiday season from something you dread into an opportunity to break the routine, create good memories and traditions, and share them with the people you love.
11-26-2016 - Letter To My Younger Self - I want you to know that, no matter how tough it now seems, and how hopeless and frightened you feel, you will get through it, you will dig deep and find and do what it takes to maintain your true essence.
11-26-2016 - Beating The Monster: Agoraphobia - One survivor's story of recovery: It's a painful and scary process because most of what has to be done is exposure. I wasn't sure if it was worth it, but looking at it from this end I can say it definitely was.
11-16-2016 - Effective Listening - during abuse, listening was pointless because we couldn't trust what was said. Outside of abuse, however, the best way to understand someone is to listen to and - more importantly - hear them.
11-16-2016 - Reporting Rape - what happens when you report a rape, what the legal process consists of, what it feels like to the survivor, what are your rights, and how to make it less stressful.

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See our list of hotlines, chatlines, and organizations that can help if you or someone you know is in crisis or needs help escaping abuse. It's organized by country and type of emergency. We care, but we're people just like you, who have been hurt and are trying to recover from the impact of this trauma. Anything you read on this website is an opinion only, based on personal experience of the author, and should not be used in place of counseling, therapy, or medical or legal advice.

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